Thursday, June 17, 2010


Me and UltraKooky

Hello all,

Yesterday I managed to catch up with Kooky to pass on the contributions I had collected on your behalf for her project 84. Kooky had successfully completed her 84 km maiden Ultra -marathon in Singapore and in earning her pledge to Run for Autism. Syabas and kudos to you Kooky. It was not an easy feat that you had accomplished. Many people could not even run a full kilometer, much less an Ultra-marathon. Your 14 and a half hours timing at the finish line for a first timer was testimony to your true grit and determination. We congratulate and salute you for your Project 84, which had no boundaries in the human spirit. Kooky had displayed leadership at its best.

I sincerely wish to thank all my family members and close friends who had generously contributed to this noble cause. I apologize for the poor planning and short notice that I had sent out seeking for your contributions and help. You all had responded almost immediately and had stood up to be counted. You had mattered, and Kooky had said to me that every Sen counts. Kooky and I are very proud of you all and wish to say a big thank you.

Read Kooky’s race report here.

Thank you Kooky for your leadership and wishing to help me out in undertaking to help young Ibrahim who is down with leukemia. No I won’t allow Kooky to take on the blunt end for Ibrahim. Allow me to emulate her fine efforts. It is my personal pledge this time. It is my fight to help a fellow cancer patient. I had achieved my first and immediate objective to source essential filtered water for Ibrahim. Thanks to Dato Dr. Noordin Darus and Worldwellness Sdn Bhd. I still have my long term objective to achieve, and that is to source funds for Ibrahim to have a bone marrow / stem cell transplant.

I had earlier in the hospital asked Ibrahim if he would like to join me in running marathons. He had answered “Nak, tetapi susah ku lari”. I cheered Ibrahim up and assured him that he will get well soon and will be able to run with me and my friends. We jomed. I had then discussed with my daughter May Senn that we’ll run for Ibrahim in the coming KL Marathon. We’ll take turns in a relay to push Ibrahim in his wheel chair. She will find volunteers to help out. This will make Ibrahim’s dream come true, as Ibrahim’s father had told me that Ibrahim had never ever ran in school activities before. But running in the coming KL marathon was not to be, as we did not have the time to prepare for Ibrahim’s run. And also Ibrahim and I had just completed our punishing radiotherapy sessions. We needed at least 3 weeks to recover from its side effects.

Learning from Kooky’s courage and cue to undertake in helping others, I think I can do a bit more for Ibrahim. I envisioned Ibrahim to be running with us next year. It is a doable objective. Dato’ Dr. Noordin had already assured clean and filtered water for Ibrahim, all Ibrahim needs now is a balanced anti cancer diet to help him to be cancer free. Proper selected food intake will bring Ibrahim on his feet again. Proper food will ensure remission in his cancer and it will also ensure that he will never have another relapse again. And with God’s help he may never need to have a bone marrow / step cell transplant.

I have adequate readings into anti cancer diets. I am confident proper food will cure cancer patients. My personal additional food bill is about another RM400.00 - RM500.00 per month. Given that we have to eat lots of fruits, cruciform vegetables, seaweeds, torfu and soys, low GI (Glycemic Index) lentils and pulses, berries, herbs and of course wholegrain rice and cereals on a daily basis. We also have to take a bit of supplements in vitamin C, Vitamin D (Free from sunlight) and Vitamin E. It is essential that leukemia patients impose rigid glycemic controls. All said, I envisage Ibrahim would need a budget of about RM300.00 per month for the next one or two years. This amounts to RM3600.00 per year.

Please help me to get Ibrahim to run with us next year. It is a doable objective. You can pledge a small contribution towards Ibrahim’s anti cancer food need. If you are in a tight corner yourself, please pass my request for help to your friends who can chip out.

Please send your contributions directly to Ibrahim in one of the following way:

1. Write your crossed cheques payable to Ibrahim Idham Mazlan and send it to his house at Unit B11-2-6 Birchwood Court, Bandar Tasik Puteri, 48000, Rawang

2. Bank in directly to his father’s bank account as follows:

Mazlan Bin Mohd Adam

(NRIC 610115-11-5237)

BSN Acct No. 14182-29-0000-5350-9

Mobile Tel No. 012-2845332

You can call me anytime at 013-3948839 or use my email to contact me. I appreciate if you can inform me of your contributions for me to keep track.

Thank you for touching young Ibrahim’s life. Let’s get together and make Ibrahim well again. It's a doable with your help.


Allen Lai

PS. If you had not read my earlier post on Ibrahim, please read here.

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