Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wecome Daoh Darko

Welcome Daoh Darko. Nice riding with you and all the Putrajaya massers last Friday Night. Looking forward to next month's ride.

Allen Lai

TriKids train in Putrajaya

Peter Lau and Hin Tong

Bike adjustments

Go go go....


Best Moms and Dads in the world

Taking off in bike transition area

Much needed break

Every Sunday morning Trikids from the Klang Valley train at the Pusat Recreasi Air, Prisint 6 in Putrajaya. At hand are  Peter Lau and Hin Tong, certified coaches from Triathletes Association Malaysia. The venue offers the best facilities for triathletes in the three disciplines of the sport. 
This is not a pre-event orientation and clinic. This is serious training, every Sunday starting at 730 am. Trikids are taught, guided and drilled to excel in swimming, running and cycling. Emphasis are made particularly skills in the transition areas.
Peter Lau and Hin Tong are both very dedicated and committed to train the youngsters and preparing them for Trikids competitions. One competition just finished in Putrajaya and another competition is scheduled in Shah Alam this month.
What is most glaring are the best moms and dads in the world. They are just as committed to encourage their children into this very challenging sport. They have given the best for their children. This sport instills discipline and challenge which will motivate the children to excel in other aspects of their growing up. They learn to be focused, to endure and to give their best at a very early age.
Peter Lau and Hin Tong welcomes new participants. Give your children a leg up. The may be the next champions. Come to Pusat Recreasi Air in  Presint 6 Putrajaya any Sunday and see for yourselves.

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Wecome Crushhio

Hi Crushhio, Welcome to our blog. We hope to you will join us in our breakfast runs. We are planning to organise one very soon.

Allen Lai

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Last Night was Putrajaya Critical Mass Night. PCM Night is always held on the last Friday of the month, in many cities in the world. Critical mass bicycle rides have gained popularity since its inception. 

Last night was made for ridding. We had skipped two PCM Nights; last Friday in November 2009 was Hari Raya Haji and last Friday December 2009 was Christmas. Putrajaya Masses were raring to go in January 2010, come what may.

It was the first ride for the year; it should start with a oomph. But alas, it had rained heavily earlier in the afternoon, in Putrajaya and also in KL, Shah Alam, Cheras and all over the Klang Valley. The rain did not let up until about 7 pm. I had rushed back to Putrajaya from PJ at 7.30 pm, hoping against all hope that we would ride. It was still raining.

Rain stopped at about 8.45 pm. I quickly changed, geared up the bike and dashed out of the house. The road to the assembly area in front of the Palace of Justice in Presint 3 was still wet. When I arrived I was pleased to see others had arrived earlier and were just getting out of their cars and gearing up. I was not alone. 9.30 pm people were still coming in. Cars screeming to a halt and people quickly gearing up. The delay to roll out was welcomed, given that the rain had just stopped and people were still coming in. I did not take any pictures as I did not have a waterproofed bag for my camera, and could not risk my camera from getting wet, as the sky was still heavy. But I was glad others took pictures and hope they will post them up soonest.

At 10 pm there was already  a larger than expected crowd; all eager to roll out. Man Ciocc gave a quick welcome and briefing to all. Daoh Darko led the ride out and I took up the rear.

There were surprisingly a lot of new comers. This is very encouraging. An assortment of new bikes, new lightings and a couple of families. 

Since we had not rode for the last two months and also we had started late, last night's route was short. We had decided to ride the route that we took during our first PCM Night.We rode only 16 Km. A circuit from the Palace of Justice,to PICC, down south to Alamanda and finally back to Princint 3 via Taman Putra and Dataran Putra. And we rode surprisingly at a fast pace, given that we had some kids in our entourage. The night was cool and the road had dried  out. Oh it was so nice, we could ride without any sweating. We finished not quite exhausted at 1145 pm.

Thank you all for coming, see you all last Friday in February 2010.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Nike +

Upgraded my running gear last weekend. Since I have bought an iphone 3Gs last Christmas, it had come with the Nike Ipod feature. All I had to gear up now is to purchase a pair of Nike + shoes. Actually 2 purchases were necessary. A pair of Nike + shoes which has a slot to hold the Ipod sensor; and the sensor / transmitter system itself. I did not have to install the transmitter which is to be affixed to the Ipod. The Iphone 3Gs comes with its own transmitter and software.

It was very easy to install and operate the system, Just get it out of the box and start using it right away. All the running data can be uploaded to Nike's website which automatically tracks your workout and offers online challenges to yourself or to other online Nike + users.

I had great fun using it every morning. It tells me the distance,time, pace and calories spent during all my run. I think all serious runners should have this system to assist them in their training. It is a fantastic motivational and training tool.

Nike says "Just do it".

New Balance 30km 2010

Expected large crowd

An elated Evonne


Winners all

No pain no gain

Yesterday's NB 30 km run had a great atmosphere. It was like a carnival with food stalls and promotions on sale. It was a cool morning starting off at 0530 hours. Most of the runners were in by 0930 hours. I met most of the regular Pacesetters and they were very happy with the first run of the year.

The photos in my Picasa web album tells it all.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Taman Cabaran officially opened








Taman Cabaran in Presint 5 was officially opened by the Minister for Federal Territories. Several competitions were staged in conjunction with the opening ceremony.

Taman Cabaran boast of the latest facilities in the X challenge sports in Rock climbing, BMX biking, Skateboarding, Mountain biking and Motor cross.

Entrance fee to the indoor rock climbing arena is RM6.00 for adults and RM3.00 for students. Rental of climbing equipment is also available in the arena.

Come take the challenge. Enjoy yourselves.