Friday, December 25, 2009

Joy to the world, particularly me

My new love

On Christmas day, I went for a LSD run covering my usual 21 km. I am preparing for my New Balance 30 Km on 17 January 2010. With only about three weeks to go, I must shape up. Festive season not withstanding.
This run was most joyful as I have a reward at the end of the run. Maxis had called me to pick up my new Iphone on Christmas day. 3 Gs with 32 gig to boot. Can't wait to get my hands on it.
The run was good with nice Christmas carols aired over my radio. But my thoughts were on my new Iphone, km upon km. I completed the run just over 3 hrs 30 minutes, not complaining as it was a LSD run.
Hey, I have to sign off now. Still need more time to fiddle with my new love. Hey it's the kid in me.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Balance 30 km 2010

I am personally disappointed that the venue for the first run of the year have been moved to the Padang Merbok in KL, instead of Putrajaya as announced. I was told that the route in Padang Merbok will be more hilly and difficult than the route planned for Putrajaya. I am ready for the route in Putrajaya, but not for the Padang Merbok route. And we are already counting down to about three weeks to go. I will have to write off training during the festive season. 

I have read that a runner never gives up. He runs on any route. He runs because he is motivated and accepts new challenges. On that note, I will run but I will have to forsake my timing goal.

Join me and start the new year right.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Malakoff 12 Km

Yin Yin

Winner @39 minutes flat

Winner in his category

CEO Malakoff and runner


How much more romantic can you get?

I covered the Malakoff 12 Km run yesterday. It was a cool morning and the run finished real fast inspite of the hilly route around Bukit Damansara. The winner came in under 40 minutes and the last runner came in just under 2 hours. A participant surprised his fiancee when he brought a bouquet of roses at the finish line to propose to her. He knelt and gave her a diamond ring. All swooned with delight and well wishes.
Good luck to the new couple. I would think she will run with him the next time around.

Many thanks to Malakoff and Pacesetters for a successful event.

View your photos here:

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A New Challenge in Putrajaya

Watch out for these new signages in Putrajaya. Taman Cabaran

Novice climbs

Professional Climbs

BMX heaven

Mtb heaven

Skateboard heaven

I had a preview of Taman Cabaran today. This new extreme park is heaven sent. 

Taman Cabaran in Presint 20 Putrajaya will be officially launched on 15 January 2010. However you can do trials from now until opening day for free. Climbing gears are available for rent.

Check it out. First Aid Station not operational yet. Helmets compulsory. First Aid Kit recommended.

More Photos available available here:

Membership card

Hello everybody,

Have you renewed your membership card ? Mine is good through December 2010.

With this card you can buy a new pair of running shoes for coming  Christmas or next Chinese New Year, with a good discount for major brands too. And also not to mention, all your fees to the runs next year, will be less with your valid card. A happy note to senior citizens as their membership fees is now at 50% less too. Thank you PACM.

Happy running.

Welcome New Follower

Hi Ms Lim,
Welcome to our blog. Hope you will enjoy being with us. Have you joined Pacesetters? 

About time isn't it?

Putrajaya Trikidz Clinic

I covered the Putrajaya Trikidz Clinic this morning. I was delighted to meet and see so many participants. Needless to say meeting some of their parents too. The event was well organised, as desplayed by the enthusiasm and dedication of all staff and coaches. All the participants were given a run through all the stages of of the competition. Coaches demonstrated all the necessary skills and rules of event. What I enjoyed most were the smiles and keenness of the tiny tots.

I took some pictures. Please feel free to download as you wish. Click here to view my photos.

Call me in the shout box above if you need any password.

I wish all participants good luck tomorrow.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Photo Gallery

New friends of paceputrajaya

Hello all, 
As I had promised, all my photos taken during the event had been uploaded to our Picasa Web Album.

Visit to view and download :
(copy above URL and paste into your browser)

If anybody finds any difficulties in opening the Album or in downloading, please contact me by e-mail.

Allen Lai


Deserving Champions both

The joy of making it


She missed her last lap by 7 seconds

New friends

More veterans

I will upload all my photos in 2 days time . Please come back again. Congratulations to all Winners and Finishers in this event. See you all again  for the Pacesetters 30 KM Run in Putrajaya on 17 January 2010. Start your  New Year right.

Membership Drive

Me and some new friends soon to be members

Mr Tan and I were at the Putrajaya 12 hours walk to promote our new membership drive. We managed to handout more than 30 application forms. We hope these keen participants will join Pacesetters soonest and will take part in our next event in Putrajaya on 17 January 2010.
I also took the opportunity to take photos during the whole event. I will up load these photos for all within 48 hours. Please come back to view more than 200 candid photos.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Running at the Promenades

I have taken a video of a typical run area in the promenade Presint 16. All runs in the Promenades are along the Putrajaya lakeside. The areas are safe with security guards and are lighted up at night.
Enjoy the video. Better still, enjoy your next run by the lakeside.


click on form above to participate in event,
if it does not download in 30 seconds go direct to this URL :

Venue : Kompleks Kolam Renang Awam Presint 6, Putrajaya. Date : 17 January 2010. Time 05:30 am.

We are looking for suitable volunteers to help out in this event, if you are not participating in the event. Please contact Mr Tan or me anytime. Your contribution most appreciated.

Thank you and looking forward towards another great run organised by Pacesetters Athletics Club and New Balance.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Welcome New Followers


We now have two new followers to our blog. Welcome Gerbera and Che.
Thank you and enjoy our posts.


The announcement is finally out. Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010. Come and enjoy our first ever night marathon. There will be fun runs for the family too, mostly at 5KM or 10 KM. The route will be safe and brightly lighted up because Putrajaya is a city with beautiful lights and landscapes.

Start and Finish at the Palace of Justice, Presint 3 Putrajaya. 8.00 pm

Start your preparation and training runs now. Do not delay any further.
Goto this link for registration and details: