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Me and May Senn

Winners all


Cool ya ?

Most popular pavilion

Off they go

Somebody's head gonna roll

Vroooom. Vroooom at 120 decibels. Enough adrenaline to feel the heat of the CubPrix. My daughter May Senn invited me to go with her to the Petronas CubPrix Round 4 yesterday at the Sepang F1 Tracks. I have no love for the Kapchai , particularly whith Mat Rempits on them. I had agreed to go because I wanted to hone in my skills in taking moving subjects in my photos. This weekend would be a splendid experience.

We arrived at the Sepang racing tracks at noon time before the start of the race events. The weather is very F1 in Sepang. Hot and humid. We parked in the VVIP/officials carpark next to the Pitstops. There were 9 teams busily preparing their riders and mean machines for the first race event. The Yahama 135LC Final comprising only 8 rounds on the North Track. Other events include Cabaran Honda Icon, Persendirian, Wira , CP115 and finally CP130. The last two races capping the engine capacities accordingly.

I was pleasantly surprised with the good organization and layout of the Cubprix. It was nothing short of a professional National Grand Prix. Racing procedures and protocols were followed without compromise. Safety was of course top priority. I hope the crowd at the stands would include Mat Rempits to observe the application of safety and road rules. They will learn a lot from this kind of event. I took my pictures throughout the races, and also of the lovely models at the sponsor’s pavilions. Honda, Yahama, Sukuki, Modenas, they were all there.

The PETRONAS CubPrix is part of the AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship. The annual event comprise 10 rounds held throughout Peninsular Malaysia. Rounds 1 to 3 were successfully held at Alor Setar, Kluang and Batu Kawan respectively. Round 5 is scheduled to be held in Kota Terengganu, followed by Telok Intan, Melaka, Pekan, Sepang (South Track) and finally Penang.

I enjoyed myself very much and hope to be at the next race in Sepang in November 2010.

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Allen Lai

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