Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shutting down this site temporary

Hi all
I am shutting down this site temporary for practical reasons.
Please visit my current site at

Thank you for your patronage.
Take care
Allen Lai

Friday, July 15, 2011

Think Safe

Hi all.
I would like to share an incident of concern with all. We have all heard of attacks by snatch thiefs, acid splashers and other predators on motobikes while we are driving on the roads.

We would never imagine it could happen to us. But it unfortunately does.

My wife and I were driving along Jalan Gasing near the EPF in PJ on Wednesday morning. The traffic was slow and we were in a pack of several cars. An Indian motocyclist overtook me and showed me some signs that ther was is problem with my tires. Very natural, casual and very helpful. A good samaritan I thought. Thank you very much.

I then decided to pull to the side to check my tires. The motocyclist had moved on and I turned off to a side road, away from the stream of traffic. As I came to a stop, another motocycle with two Indian men overtook me, likewise pointing to my front right wheel and displayed signs of a puncture. They stoped just in front of my car as if wanting to lend asistance. How nice of them I thought.

As soon as I alighted from my car I was fortunately able to see my right wheel. No puncture ! Luckily I felt a panicky sensation and was quick enough to grasp the situation. I realised the danger and I knew that I was lured into a trap. I jumped back into my car, locked the door, started the car and bolted off. The two Indian men waving profanities behind me. I then drove to a friend's house which was nearby.

I had a narrow escape.

Lessons learnt. Never stop your car when you are indicated to do so. Particularly middle aged Indian riders on motocycles. It looks very inocent, but that is how traps are usually setup. They move in pairs of motocycles. The predators usually come from the rear.
Think safe always. Take care.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Relay for Life

Hi all,
We are having Relay for Life again this year on 16-17 July 2011. This time in Bangi UKM sports stadium.

Please come one and all, inform and gather all your friends to support the event.
Yes It has been a tough month for June with so much charity runs. Please do one more for NCSM and all cancer patients and survivors. You can make the difference. I assure you. No need to run. Just donate or pass the word around. It will be worth the cause.

I append the link to the Relay for life website for details and form for registrations/donations.

Take care and God bless.
Allen Lai

Standard Chartered KL 2011

Smiling me


 Ready to go

 Crowd coming in

Me and June Malik

I had Registered for the SCKLM fairly early as a commitment to continue running as a health cum recreational requirement. I had been off the road for quite a fair bit of last year. Could I still do the Half Marathon ?
Fear I had not, other mind issues aplenty. This year's SCKLM will be my Waterloo if anything. It is to do or die. I chose the former.

For the whole week just before the event I had more that the normal anxieties. I had more than butterflies in my stomach. I had literally panic fears. I had cold sweats and hot flashes, compounded by my quarterly Zoladex injections. Just the thought of the SCKLM will trigger horrible moments with hot flashes. Do I abort the race? Can I do it? My heart said YES but my mind said firmly NO ! Talk about dilemmas.

Sunday came too soon.

I finally said yes to participate, one final run if any. Shouldn't we all deserve one final run? There were also other family and relatives factors that made me participate. Done. I am in.

I had collected my gear at Bukit Jalil on Friday. Thankfully it was very well organised and no queues. What, with 22,000 participants, I was actually anticipating a mad collection queue. Pinned my blib number and fixed the tab to my oldest pair of shoes on the same day. Got my grabs together on Saturday night, water, bites, emergency sugars, iphone, a cap, head sweat band and my pair of knee shock absorbers. I am all ready.

Left the house at 3.30 am for want of a nearby parking space and more importantly see off the full marathoners. Parked at Pardang Merbok and walked slowly to the Dataran. Too early to warm up. The Dataran was already picking up with the early birds like me. The anouncer tested the mics, the stalls were preparing for their sales and promotions. Met a couple of old friends and meekly exchanged hellos as I was missing out most of the runs in the past 9 months or so. Nice to be back. Familiar faces and friendly smiles in the brightly lighted Start area.

I had also a particular mission that morning. I wanted to meet a virtual online friend from JB. I had, but had not met June Malek aka Anak Mami, an angel and mentor to a group of passionate runners who styled themselves as FMVs. It wasn't hard to spot her. She had a beakon, a halo which reflected a distinct charm of leadership and grace. Nobody would missed her and nobody needs a GPS to find her. I just waited quitely at a chokepoint in the spectators area and there she was. It was a hello and goodbye fleeting moment. If our meeting was any longer I gladly would have aborted my run to join her at her Kedai Runcit at 37 km.

The half marathon event flagged off at 6.15 am. I had lined up at the rear of the crowd early, but was pushed up to the front area unconciously. I finally found myself three quarters upfront instead of being in the rear group. It is OK, as I would be falling back after a few hundred metres after the startline. I walked briskly to warm up usually for the first 3 km or so. I know my pace and had set my target to 3.30 hours, it being cutoff time for veterans. I had managed 3.40 minutes twice over two Pacesetters LSDs. So my target would be quite realistic. It is a doable.

I had made an assurance to myself and that is to listen to my body. No matter what. I must run SAFE. My heart is my archiles heels. I can compromise the pain in my knees but I should not push my heartbeat beyond 160 hb for my age and hypertension. My heartbeat rate will be my critical throughout the run. For the first three km my hb was ranging 150 - 160. A slightly faster pace or a slight up slope would bring my hb up to and pass 170.I would slow down for a minute or so to 160. I was maintaining my pace like that for the whole run. I had no choice. A group of elderly singaporeans wearing SAFRA ( Singapore Armed Forces Retiree Association) vests 'pushed' me to increase my pace. I actuall felt kiasu. But my mind said stop it. Run safe, it is OK to su. The leader of the SAFRA said that my pace was 9 mins per km and I would be finishing about 3.30 to 3.45 hours. So he was pacing me and squaring me up. I did not get Batu Api-ed. Let him go. I need to run safe.

I was doing all right for all the 20 km until the home run. I backed off each time peak at 170 hb. I had no pains, no cramps and thankfully there was plenty of water every 2 km on the route. I was safe and I felt good, no need for any finishing medal. Just come in in-style and comfort.

But that was not to be. On the final approach along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, the crowd cheered me on. A few more minutes to cut off. You can do it. I CAN? Go Allen Go. All hell let loose. My heart beat went 175 - 180. Slow down? No way my ego said. Die die my have the finishing medal. I foolishly decided to hold at 170 hb max. It is dangerously high for me. BUT the finishing line was already in sight. My heart was pounding as I crossed the line at exactly 3.30 hours my watch time. I think I am going to die. I felt like a bloody fool to die like this. I had failed myself. I had failed my family and friends. I rested a full five minutes to stable my hb to 140 before I headed to the finisher's tent and got my finisher's medal together with a few more runners just behind me. I made it just in time.

Happy?yes. Sad? yes, Cried? Won't tell.
Will I run another Half? You tell me.
Take care

Allen Lai

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kordel's 7 Km Charity Walk

 Me all all system Go !

 Ya da ba da boo

 Sea of red

 Waiting for the horn


 Julie and friends

Julie and me

Hi all,
I participated in the Kordel’s charity walk last Sunday 12 June 2011. This was my first time participating in this walk, which is an annual affair to promote awareness for arthritis. It was a relatively small event with about 1000 participants, enough to make it a fun morning.
The event was well organized by Pacesetters. Everything was like clock work and the walk was without any hitches. The organisers were thoughtful enough to set up a water point mid way. There were also plenty of prizes to be won after the walk. Thanks to Kordel.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, with the sun up but surprising it was not a hot morning throughout the walk. I managed to walk with a consistent pace of 6.5 km per hour without much effort. I finished within 1 hour 10 minutes gun time. Even my heart beat behaved nicely, working hard with my zone.

Juliana Ali set up a boot in the event to promote her charity 100 km race scheduled later this month in Singapore. She will be running for charity to help the Japanese who are still suffering post tsunami. A lot more help is still needed in disaster zone and we are proud that Juliana  will be doing her best to make a difference. I helped her to promote her cause. Please contribute to her charity which is in conjunction with the Red Cross to send aid to Japan.  
For more information please visit her blog here:

Take care
Allen Lai

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pacesetters' 20 Km LSD April run

At the 10 Km water point

I ran my second Pacesetters’ 20 KM LSD held monthly in the Bukit Aman Carpark on Sunday 10 April 2011. I had decided to use these monthly runs to prepare for my next half marathon in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon in June 2011.
I woke up early as usual to have my ‘proper’ breakfast before the run. I arrived at the car park just before 6.30 am and had met Arief ready to take off. A quick hello and see you Arief and I started exactly on time at 6.30 am, not waiting for anybody. I walked 50 meters and broke into a slow jog down hill to Bank Negara. I had planned to do the run within 3.5 hours. I should be able to do it as this was my second run in this route.
The morning was cool and I was able to reach half distance, which had the first water point under one hour. After a quick drink I crossed Jalan Duta over to the Hartamas sector. The second leg was also quite smooth. A km later I met May Senn, Mac and two others strolling casually towards me. Ha ha I had said that they were on cheat mode. I never saw them overtaking me at all. Apparently they decided to start from the other end at Sri Hartamas.
I arrived at the Petronas Station in Sri Hatamas in 1 hour 35 minutes.  Not bad, but how do I get back to achieve my target time of 3.5 hours? Took a quick photo (see above) and quickly downed several cups of mineral and plain water and I was bravely off.
It was no more than 200 meters away from the water point when I felt a slight pull in my right calf. Bad feeling and I know I get cramps pretty soon. I applied cramp management drill. Go soft on the right leg to release the pressure before the cramp takes hold. I had to do this until my left leg starts to stress out and showed signs of cramps as well. A long quick walk and half limping was the next mode. I had to alternate pressure release from one leg a time. I managed to avert cramps and arrived safely back to the finishing line in 3 hours 18 minutes.
Yes, I met my target, despite imminent cramps in both legs. I was very pleased with this run and will run again in the next LSD scheduled on 01 May 2011. Join me, it is fun believe me.

Take care.
Allen Lai

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Relay for Life 2011

Celebrate Life

 I am back. I mean we are back. The National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) will be back with their annual Relay for Life(RFL) event. This year will see Melaka and Penang having their own relays as well. Keep our dates free.

RFL Kuala Lumpur is scheduled for 16-17 July 2011, Melaka on 4-5 June 2011 and Penang on 1 and 2 October 2011. All venues will be announced shortly. Get your teams ready and celebrate life with us. See you all wearing our delightful Ts.

Light a luminance for your love ones or a friend lost.

Take care

Allen Lai

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pacesetters AGM & Annual Dinner 2011

 Lucky me

 Dressed to the nines


Michael Jacksons

 Ms Chee

Winners all

I attended the Pacesetters Athletic Club’s annual AGM meeting cum dinner 2011 held at the Swiss Garden Hotel on Saturday 19 March 2011. This was my second time I attended the function since being a member of the club in 2009.
The AGM started promptly at 3.30pm with a fair crowd of about 100 members. The main itinerary for the AGM were the presentations of the annual report, financial report and the election of the President and committee members for the year 2011/2012. I am particularly pleased that Encik Rastam and several committee members were returned to office for another term. The past committee had done well last year, which saw some progress and good activities. Syabas to all. I hope that the new office bearers will bring the club to a new level for the coming year.
The 27th annual dinner was most enjoyable and fun. More than 350 members and their families attended the 8 course chinese dinner. It was full house and roaring laughters throughout the night, Thanks to the MC and his impromptu leg pullings.
The highlights of the evening included cultural magic by the Chee siblings, a local renown magician family. Ms Jorinn Chee is a Merlin awardee, and had won the most entertaining magician award. Her brother Gelvinn Chee had won the International Junior Magician and Newest Star awards. They also debuted a younger brother to boot.
Making the night most enjoyable were the members’ participations in Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean stint and Lets Cha Cha. There was also a Best International Costume and Talent competition. A good number of members dressed to the nines to vie for the award.
Awards were also presented to the best male and female athletic award 2011, Sportsman and Sportswoman award 2010, and the top and best club award 2010.
Door gifts were given to all who attended and of course lucky draws kept everybody anxious for the good prizes to be won. I was one of the few lucky ones to get a prize voucher of RM200.00 from Mizuno. Not bad for staying and hoping for the last few lucky numbers to be drawn. Just like running, never give up until crossing the finishing line.
A big thank you to Ms Wendy Soo and her team for organizing the wonderful evening. Everybody enjoyed themselves. I am looking forward for the next annual dinner in 2012.

I took some photos for the occasion. Please feel free to download any photo for my web album here.

Allen Lai

Monday, March 21, 2011

Photos for PACM's AGM & Annual Dinner 2011

Pictures say a thousand words.

Visit here for more photo:


Allen Lai

Monday, March 7, 2011

First 20km in 2011

Last Sunday I took a deep breath and decided to do the Pacesetters LSD from Bukit Aman to Sri Hartamas charter for 20 km. I was apprehensive and doubtful whether I was ready for it. I was off the road since October 2010. So this would be my first 20km in 5 months.
Ready of not I woke up at 0545am, and remembered to have a stronger than usual breakfast. I was packed for the run the previous night so I managed to take off fairly quickly. I arrived at the Bukit Aman car park at 0640am to a full car park. I looked around for friends but there was nobody around. 0645am and nobody was around. Flag off was scheduled for 0630am and everybody was off.
Looks like everybody was on their own or in their small groups. I just took off alone without any warm up. No fuss, just go.  Not really trying to catch up with anybody, as my real objective for this outing was to test my knees and stamina. What was it like to do 20km ?  I gave myself 3 and half hours to complete because I did not know the route well. I intended to walk most of the way and to test some really small run steps.
It was fairly dark before 0700am and I walked in a quick pace, with my trusted sony walkman. Set my stop watch, heat rate monitor and Nike Ipod. I was doing better that expected, walking that is. My little run steps put pressure on my knees, but no real pain yet. I decided not to risk another injury too soon, so it was AWAS all the way. My heart rate sustained at 130 to 150 bpm. My body form was good and I was breathing well.
I met Sofian, AJ and Arif , all on their return lap. High fived and quick hellos. Look like they were training hard for their personal bests. Me, just doing my system checks. Legs Ok, knees OK, heart Ok, but cannot push for more small run steps, not yet. My calf’s, particularly on the right, were showing signs of impending cramp ups.
The organisers were good to have set up two water points and manned them until 0900am. The water point at the Petronas station at Sri Hartamas was manned personally by Encik Rastam, president PACM. Thanks Pacesetters.
 On another note, I wish if PACM could sign the route for new comers. Just small wooden pegs at road junctions will do the trick. I actually missed a junction in Bukit Tunku and almost ended at Jalan Kucing. I lost 15 minutes there and worst still I had to do a terrible300m long up slope back.
The Malaysian Armed Forces was also celebrating their 78 anniversary on Sunday. The area around Padang Merdeka and Padang Merbuk were abuzz with the military parade and  impressive tanks, helicopters and weapon systems. Parachutists stole the morning with their precision landings on target.
I finished in 3 hours 45 minutes happy and satisfied. I will do another LSD in early April and I hope that I can do more small run steps.
Little steps make the run.
Take care
Allen Lai

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Hi all,

Here is wishing you all a Happy Chinese New Year 2011. It is the year of the rabbit, a cousin of the hare. May you run safe and well for all your races this year.
This is also a good and prosperous year. I wish you all the best  wishes and good health.
Take care always.

Allen Lai

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur 2011

Confirmed running

Yes, I have been away for quite awhile. Really off the road to recuperate my injured knees. I had been a good boy and waited. But I could not wait any more. Standard Chartered KL had just opened for registration. Kiasu me. I'm an early bird I am.

Ready or not I'll take part in the half marathon.
Signing off now. Got to start my training this evening. 158 days left. Ayoh !

Join me. Don't be left out. Register TODAY.

Take care

Allen Lai