Friday, June 18, 2010

Feel Good, Feeling Good

It is always good talking to Kooky. You get more than what she says. That’s value added for you. She had agreed to help me to help Ibrahim. What are my plans? She had probed me. That’s leadership at its finest, be a good listener.

I’ll strategize my plan on Feel good, feeling good. When Kooky crossed the finishing line for the Ultramarathon in 14 and a half hours, she felt good as anybody would feel the same goodness. But that was not all, she had felt a higher level of goodness. Yes she must have in part felt good because of completing her race well and had achieved what she had set out to do. But most of all she had felt a higher level good because she had achieved a higher objective. Project 84; she had run for Autism, no boundaries.

When I wrote my first post (see below) on what I did to help young Ibrahim, I had many calls and prayers extended for Ibrahim. All had sympathized and had prayed for Ibrahim’s full recovery. To those who had prayed, I am God’s answer to their prayers. God had dispatched me to help Ibrahim for you. If this is too much for you to grasp, never mind. You can understand if you give it some thought at your next prayer time. Meantime you can still help. Do a Kooky. Run with Ibrahim in next year’s KL marathon. Get the higher level of Feel Good that Kooky felt when she crossed the finish line to touch the lives of those with Autism. It is different. This feeling good cannot be shared, it is very personal. Ask Kooky.

I will be talking to Kooky on my concept and plan on how to go about this project. The plan will essentially entail an immediate small collection of funds/ donation in kind, to source anti cancer food for Ibrahim so that he can get off the wheel chair ASAP. The next step would be to get Ibrahim stronger so that he can start physiotherapy and preparation for the event. Ibrahim’s father, his doctors and I will monitor his progress. I believe with all our immediate contributions and help, Ibrahim should be ready to begin his initial training for his event in 2011. I will post his progress reports in this blog.

Register with us now, no limits to the number of helpers or runners. Contact me by email at ,Kooky@Run Kooky Run or Julie @missjewelz to register your interest to chip in to help out. Let us make a difference for Ibrahim. I am his hope, you are our hope.

Allen Lai

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