Saturday, July 31, 2010


In memory of Ibrahim

Ready to ride

 Uncle Allen - Safety Warden

Family outing

Thank you for your kindness

 Man Ciocc - Half horse


PCM night for July 2010 was dedicated to Ride For Ibrahim. Man Ciocc and Kooky had organised this event to specifically collect some funds for our young Ibrahim, who was down with Leukemia. But time was not on our side, as young Ibrahim left us to be with Allah on 29 July 2010 at 9.30 am in Kuala Terengganu.

Young Ibrahim had touched our hearts as we did his. As the event was already in place, we decided to Ride in memory of Ibrahim. A minute of silence was observed and collections were still made, to be given, half to Ibrahim's father and half to be donated to a another deserving cancer patient to be decided later.

It started to rain in Putrajaya at 6 pm. The shower was intense but brief, and ended at 8.30 pm. It was then clear sky and the night was lighted with stars. I would believe Ibrahim was among the stars and smiled upon us. Riders started to arrive in groups from 9 pm onwards. Riders from all over Kl arrived slightly later, obviously due to traffic jams in the city. The venue was being prepared for SHAPE's night Run 2010, but we managed to get into the car park and assembled in front of the POJ. There were about 80 riders who braved the dark sky and rain earlier. We were pleased to see Kooky coming in, dressed to the nines in her riding gears. A red nose from her bout of flu to boot. Her presence was very meaningful to the event. Thank you Kooky and Man Ciocc for your magnanimity.

Man Ciocc gathered all of us and gave a short address about Ibrahim and the event. A minute of silence for Ibrahim was announced and riders were invited to contribute for the ride event. We flagged off a bit late at 10.15 pm riding south towards Pullman Hotel before hitting the main route to Alamanda and back to POJ on the usual route. I rode Safety Warden, manning the main crossings, and I was pleasantly pleased that there were several more riders volunteering to control traffic at the vital traffic light junctions.

It was a beautiful and slow ride, cool and very orderly this time. Pensive ? I actually wondered why, as usually we would get some cool riders having the fun of their life. Dangerously sometimes. The ride was one and a half hours covering about 20 km. A rider's unfortunate tyre puncture was the only incident for the evening. All riders and their families had enjoyed their night out.

Thank you everybody for your prayers for Ibrahim and for your kind contributions.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

BHP Orange Run 2010

 Waiting for the flag off

 Group warmups

 Ladies group


Yes, I have really been preparing for this doable event. It is a quarter marathon of 11Km and on a fairly flat route. I had started to build up my confidence and endurance since early June. Slowly and steady I became more ready. I could breathe easy and cruise at about 6 Km per hour at 120 heart beat per minute. I was training at 7 km per run during the week days and on weekends clocked up 10 Km.

However all was not well as planned. I caught a viral attack and coughed badly for the last 10 days before the race. I thought it will blow over with complete rest, but that did not work and I did not get better. I took all sorts of cough medicines and chinese herbs. My flu got even worse and I was deprived proper sleep for the last few nights.

As the last resort I went to see the doctor at a clinic, took an x-ray of my lungs and was prescribed antibiotics. The doctor had advised me against taking part in the run as my lungs were clogged up with bacteria and flam. The previous night I had deliberated to run or not. I compromised by agreeing to walk only. I packed my gears and slept early.

I woke up to my alarm set at  5.00 am. At first I did not know why I had set the alarm to that early. I could not think nor remember that it was race day. Almost went back to bed. Then it kicked in. Race day. Wakey wakey.

I arrived at the Curve, Mutaria Damansara at 6.15 am, giving me plenty of time to warm up. My mind was ready troubled. Could I really finish the run? my cough and all. The run started with the ladies group flagging off at 7.15 am. I mingled with the crowd. Still thinking if I should call it off. And before I could change my mind, the horn blared off at 7.30 am sharp, and I was pushed along with the momentum. What the hell, go Allen go. Quickly set my watch and had a look at my heart beat. It was 110. Hardly 400 meters down the road, my heart beat went up to 130. It has never happened before. I was breathing steady but heavy. It will stay there I thought and slowed down to a deliberate fast walk. My heart beat then cruised at 140 for the next couple of Km. Ok I am in control. Walk fast and a slow jog when down hill. The route was flat most of the way and the weather held, despite a threatening sky earlier.

Did I enjoy my run ? Yes because I finished and no because I didn't really had a good run. My lesson learnt here is never to run again when I am sick no matter how badly I wanted participate. It is not the same. A run must be fun and enjoyable, I should not be challenging to breathe and watching my heart beat monitor all the time.

I came in at 1 Hour 43 minutes gun time. Luckily I was not looking at all for good timings but just to finish the run. Well, I had registered for my next two short runs in September and October. I should be enjoying my runs by then.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Welcome Nije and Ashraf



Welcome to our blog Nije and Ashraf.

Ashraf, surely you don't look that the picture above. I think you are more handsome than this. Upload your picture or an avatar soon, OK ?

Allen Lai

Saved by the bell

Battered boxers in the boxing ring were often saved by the bell to fight another round. In my case I was saved by a ring in my mobile.

I have been training, preparing for next week's Orange Run. I have been running on reasonably flat routes. This morning I thought I'll start a bit of hill work. I was running up the infamous hill in Jalan Beringin, Bukit Damansara. I know I won't make it up all the way, but I won't give up either. I huffed and puffed and kept reminding to myself to breathe. I was really beat and my legs were falling apart, but I won't give up until my heartbeat rate reached 170 as planned. My heartbeat was way pass 160. It was a mind game all the way. I was delirious, hence not thinking of the imminent danger ahead. Then I heard my mobile ringing. A God sent call for me to stop and answer the phone. I stopped immediately, who in his right mind wouldn't? I managed to grasped a week "hello".

Thanks Kooky for calling me at the right time. You saved my life.

Allen Lai

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back on track

I have registered for my next three runs, albeit short 11km and 12 Km runs. Passion ? Nay, more like vengence. I have been off the road for too long. I am back on track now and I am gearing up for some fun.

I had registered for the BHPetrol’s 11 km Orange Run scheduled on 25July 2010, the Newton 12 Km Challenge Kuala Lumpur on 26 September 2010 and the Mizuno wave 11km Run 2010 17 October 2010.

 I am presently in my training mode, clocking 5km at least three times a week. I am still doing brisk walking and I will break into slow running next week onwards. I am doing well so far and I feel 11- 12 Km would be just nice. Maybe, just maybe, I will do a half marathon by year end.

Allen Lai

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ipoh Pergi

Pesta Sponsors

Having a ball

Local World Cup

Full house

Most popular stall

Selamat datang

Hi all,

May Senn invited me to join her on a day trip to Ipoh on Sunday. I replied affirmative as I went into a swoon for Ipoh chicken rice, Paloh Sar Hor Fun, Paloh Yim Kai, and of course Ipoh White Coffee, no less.

So we quickly organised an impromptu family trip comprising me, wife, son Voon Onn, May Senn and grandson Zer Jian. We left KL at 2.30 pm and arrived Ipoh at 5.00 pm. It was an uneventful and stressless drive.

May Senn had suggested that we visit the Perak Football stadium to spend a couple of hours before dinner. A Pesta was organised for the weekend. Pesta Sua Rasa sponsored by TV9 was already packed with families and the car parks were full. The Pesta had a lot of stalls on promotional sales for Malaysian products. Most prominent were local health food and Celcom. There were also fun filled activities for the whole family. A main stage was set up for the evening stage show. I took a lot of photos as usual.

After dinner we wanted to eat Ipoh Yim Kai, but was disappointed that the shop was closed. We then decided to eat at the Wolly Food Court at Taman Ipoh nearby. Food there were quite standard Ipoh fare. Nothing to shout about. After dinner we started the return trip at 8.00pm. Getting home was a breeze with a stopover at Tapah R&R. A quick trip to Ipoh is a doable with our fine highways. We'll have to leave early next time if we want to eat Ipoh Yim Kai. Yummy.

See photos of the Pesta here.

Allen Lai

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome Tryathlete

Hi Tryathlete,

Welcome to our blog.

Allen Lai