Monday, June 7, 2010

A real quiet weekend in Port Dickson

Serenity at its best

Geng Tiger Kapak Melaka

PD World Marina

Rustic and calm

Wild boar anybody ?

Endless horizon

Rocky beach line at high tide

My Wife Peggy, May Senn and I went to PD for a real quiet weekend. No need for a Jom Heboh type of weekend. No running shoes, no bikes, no nothing. Just quiet, thank you.

We went to our secluded condo unit at PD World Marina, 6ms Jalan Pantai. That would be quiet enough.

On Sunday I met a group of bikers from Melaka, who styled themselves as Tiger Kapak led by Encik Afiq. No they said they were not into Mat Rempit nor cared for Bohsia. They just loved convoyed trips, whatever that was. They asked me to take some pictures, to which I did and uploaded for them in my Picasa Album.

I took a long slow walk by the marina and beach line. I also met several anglers having a ball in the quietness of the evening. But most rewarding was just taking some photos at the setting sun.

I was at peace with the world and at peace with myself. Must do this more often.

Allen Lai

Hello Encik Afiq dan rakan rakan, anda bolih download gambar gambar tuan disini. Jom.

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