Friday, July 15, 2011

Think Safe

Hi all.
I would like to share an incident of concern with all. We have all heard of attacks by snatch thiefs, acid splashers and other predators on motobikes while we are driving on the roads.

We would never imagine it could happen to us. But it unfortunately does.

My wife and I were driving along Jalan Gasing near the EPF in PJ on Wednesday morning. The traffic was slow and we were in a pack of several cars. An Indian motocyclist overtook me and showed me some signs that ther was is problem with my tires. Very natural, casual and very helpful. A good samaritan I thought. Thank you very much.

I then decided to pull to the side to check my tires. The motocyclist had moved on and I turned off to a side road, away from the stream of traffic. As I came to a stop, another motocycle with two Indian men overtook me, likewise pointing to my front right wheel and displayed signs of a puncture. They stoped just in front of my car as if wanting to lend asistance. How nice of them I thought.

As soon as I alighted from my car I was fortunately able to see my right wheel. No puncture ! Luckily I felt a panicky sensation and was quick enough to grasp the situation. I realised the danger and I knew that I was lured into a trap. I jumped back into my car, locked the door, started the car and bolted off. The two Indian men waving profanities behind me. I then drove to a friend's house which was nearby.

I had a narrow escape.

Lessons learnt. Never stop your car when you are indicated to do so. Particularly middle aged Indian riders on motocycles. It looks very inocent, but that is how traps are usually setup. They move in pairs of motocycles. The predators usually come from the rear.
Think safe always. Take care.