Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Hi all,

Here is wishing you all a Happy Chinese New Year 2011. It is the year of the rabbit, a cousin of the hare. May you run safe and well for all your races this year.
This is also a good and prosperous year. I wish you all the best  wishes and good health.
Take care always.

Allen Lai

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur 2011

Confirmed running

Yes, I have been away for quite awhile. Really off the road to recuperate my injured knees. I had been a good boy and waited. But I could not wait any more. Standard Chartered KL had just opened for registration. Kiasu me. I'm an early bird I am.

Ready or not I'll take part in the half marathon.
Signing off now. Got to start my training this evening. 158 days left. Ayoh !

Join me. Don't be left out. Register TODAY.

Take care

Allen Lai