Friday, April 23, 2010


Hello all,

Next Friday 30 April 2010 marks PCM's second anniversary. Come and join us in celebration. Bring the family and ride with us on this auspicious night. There will be a simple cake cutting ceremony. Do bring a small cake and two candles for the evening.
Looking towards a fun night. All are welcomed.

Date : Friday 30 April 2010
Time :9.00 pm. Come early :)
RV : Palace of Justice, Prisint 3, Putrajaya
Don't forget your camera.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Jalan Beringin Circuit

Last Sunday I did the Jalan Beringin Circuit. It was a nice and easy run with several tough climbs. I completed the circuit in 1 hour 1 minute 55 seconds. Burnt 514 calories on the way.

Allen Lai

Malakoff 26 Km and 6 Km Run Penang 2010

Hello all,

Registration and online payments are now available. Register Now to avoid regrets later. Closing Date : 21 May 2010.

Allen Lai

Count Down to New Balance Pacesetters Run

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes

Hello all,

Looks like we should be counting down to the event from today. Race day is 16 May 2010. 15 Km is not a very long distant, but beware of the Double Hills. Are you ready ? I am.

Allen Lai

Friday, April 16, 2010

Energizer Night Run Cyberjaya 2010

Gassing up before flag off

Here are my photos for the Energizer Night Run 2010. Had lots of fun as per the photo above.

Visit my Picasa Website @


Allen Lai

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday Morning Session

Che, Ghani and Mr Tan

Last Sunday's morning session with Mr Tan was very light and easy. I did two rounds whilst Mt Tan and Che did four rounds. A round in Taman Saujana Hijau in Presint 11 is about 3.1 Km. During the run we had met several other parties also doing their morning exercises.

We were pleased to have Encik Ghani Othman joining us for the morning session. When the four of us finished we cooled down under the shade of the guard post's umbrella. We discussed joining Pacesetters with Encik Ghani. Luckily I had some application forms in my car. I gave two form to Che and Encik Ghani each who said that they would join Pacesetters.

Welcome to Pacesetters Putrajaya Area Group Gentlemen.

Allen Lai

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sunday Morning Run

Hello everybody

Our area group leader Mr Tan Choong Kok has invited all for a early morning Sunday run at Taman Saujana Hijau Prisint 11, Putrajaya. Sunday 11 April 2010. Start time at 0630 am.

Please call me or Mr Tan if you are coming.


Allen Lai

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Test Post from iphone

This is a test post using direct from my iphone.

Allen Lai

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Runs

I am glad Nike keeps track of my training for me on line. I have been uploading my workouts every time I finish my runs. The above graph shows the 30 runs that I have done over a span of about two months. An average of a run in two days.

I have done 30 workouts in a total duration of 26 hours 29 minutes 42 seconds. I have run  a total of 176.62 KM with an average time of 9 minutes per KM.

Best of all I burnt a total of 12,733 calories.

Come join me to counting our efforts. It is most satisfying. Good job.

Allen Lai


Hello all.

Anybody keen to do an international run ? PACM/ AirAsia have secured a perfect package for you. The package is a dream gift to satisfy your enthusiasm. 4 Days and 3 nights of fun and run in the Gold Coast, Australia. Book now to avoid disappointment. See package below:

  • Gold Coast Marathon Package from RM1,699 per person (twin-sharing)
    Depart KUL - Gold Coast on 2 July 2010
    Return Gold Coast - KUL on 6 July 2010

    Package includes:
    * Return economy airfare on AirAsia X incl. 15kg baggage allowance, an onboard meal both ways & return airport taxes

    * 3 nights' accommodation at Radisson Resort

    * Daily breakfast

    * Return airport transfers

    * Return transfers to pick up running kit

    * Transfer to race starting point

    * Special Gold Coast Marathon t-shirt for early bird bookings

This package is exclusive to Pacesetters members only.

To book, please visit: 

Seats are limited. Terms & conditions apply.

Allen Lai

New Balance Pacesetters 15 KM Run

I have registered for the New Balance Pacesetters 15 KM Run slotted for 16 May 2010. This will be my first anniversary run and I am delighted  that the event is coming round the corner soon. PACM have finally made online registration available for our convenience. 

Come join me. Register NOW. This is a popular event so don't be disappointed if the registration is closed early.

Register here.

Allen Lai

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New running gadgets from Adidas

miCoach pacer

miCoach stride sensor

Now that Adidas has personalised running shoes, see what Adidas' new running gadgets are about. Just launched in KL. 

Read article here.

Allen Lai

Heart Rate Monitor

Timex T5j031
Heart beat sensor

My heart is stronger than my Adidas Heart Rate Monitor. The latter survived only 2 years of constant use. It just died. The Adidas was model was quite old and was phased out of production. Main reason being it just used up too much batteries. ( Imagine free battery replacement for life in it’s warranty) Adidas Service Center said that Adidas will not produce anymore heart rate monitors in the watch format, but with other innovations. Hence I could not get my Adidas Heart Rate Monitor to be repaired.


I was without a heart rate monitor for about 6 months and I ran dangerously, being 66 years old and coupled with several  medical conditions. But I still ran, for I know if I had stopped running, I’ll stopped writing into my blogs as well. I searched for a replacement heart rate monitor each time I went shopping at the malls. They were fairly pricely and I could not budget for one just yet.


Luck was with me when I was at the Ironman Langkawi  2010 in late February. A Timex Heart Rate Monitor was on promotional sales. I bought it without a second blink of the eve.  I am very pleased with my new Timex Heart Rate Monitor as it had all the features I needed. It is a full fledged Heart Rate Monitor and serves as a personal trainer as well. The only features lacking were  the GPS, speed and cadence . Otherwise it comes with loads of functionalities. It is very stylish, light and easy to set/operate.


I append some notes about Heart Rate monitors from the Internet.


By monitoring heart rate, the simple observation that the harder we exercise, the faster our heart beats is put to good use. Professional athletes and amateurs alike have for decades been relying on the information provided by their heart rate monitor for the following reasons:


1) A heart rate monitor is like a rev counter, giving a precise measurement of exercise intensity.

2) Training at your own ideal pace is made possible with a heart rate monitor.

3) Direct measurement of heart rate during exercise is the most accurate way to gauge performance.

4) Progress can be monitored and measured, increasing motivation.

5) It maximizes the benefits of exercise in a limited amount of time.

6) It introduces objective observation. Are you on the right track? Are you improving?

7) It is a tool for regulating frequency and intensity of workouts.

8) Because of the immediate feedback it provides, heart rate monitoring is an ideal training partner.



How does it work?


When you start training, your heart rate increases rapidly in proportion to the intensity of the training. The transmitter belt detects the electrocardiogram (ECG - the electric signal originating from your heart) and sends an electromagnetic signal to the wrist receiver where heart rate information appears.


The heart moves blood from the lungs (where the blood picks up oxygen) to the muscles (which burn the oxygen as fuel) and back to the lungs again. The harder the training, the more fuel the muscles need and the harder the heart has to work to pump oxygen-rich blood to the muscles.


As you get fitter, your heart is able to pump more blood with every beat. As a result, your heart doesn’t have to beat as often to get the needed oxygen to your muscles, decreasing resting heart rate and exercise heart rate on all exertion levels.

Read benefits of a Heart Rate Monitor here.

So there you are. Don’t you need a Heart Rate Monitor ?


Friday, April 2, 2010

PCM Ride March 2010

Never be intimated by rain on our monthly PCM ride nights. We always almost experience rain during the past several months on PCM nights in Putrajaya. Regular riders were wiser and knew that it would rain cats and dogs all around KL and the Klang Valley, but it would be clear and dry in Putrajaya at around 9 pm. Rain will pour in the afternoons and early into the night in Putrajaya as if  it was to wash and freshen the roads for our monthly rides. 

Last month's March ride was the same. We had braved the heavy rain all around KL to meet in Putrajaya. Riders will wait even up till 10.00 pm for all to turn up, for we know some riders will also face chronic traffic jams coming for the ride. 

I  was in Bukit Damansara that evening, brooding at the fierce lighting storm, which took down 70 trees and branches. The tropical storm would never stop. I rang a friend in Presint 11 Putrajaya for a weather check. He had reported in the affirmative, as usual, it had rained but clearing up, albeit still with overhanging clouds. I left Bukit Damansara at 7.30 pm to Putrajaya using the Seremban NS Highway. The traffic built up was most frustrating. It was clogged up everywhere with the rain still belting hard reducing visibility to near zero. I braved the hazards as I was determined to ride that night as I had missed the February ride, being away at Ironman Langkawi. I arrived our RV at the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya at 9.30 pm fairly exhausted. 

I was pleased that most riders were already in the car park waiting patiently to roll out. The group were about 80 riders strong, all had braved the rain and traffic. There was no rain. At 10.00pm sharp I briefed the grouped and led them out to ride our usual 18 KM route. The ride was smooth and we had a clear and cool night. 

Next month on the last Friday 30 April 2010, PCM will celebrate our second birthday. Let us all turn up to celebrate. I was proposing that we all pay RM5.00 each individual and RM10.00 for each family for the cake and one drink. We will look into the logistics and bring the birthday cake. I also propose to invite a VIP from Putrajaya to grace the occasion. Inform all your friends and do make an effort to make next month's ride the Best ever. Feedbacks and proposals most appreciated, we still have time to prepare any activities. See you.

Allen Lai

Energizer Night Run 2010






It must have been written in the stars that I ran the Energizer Night Run in Cyberjaya last weekend. I have no other explanation for my participation in the 21 KM event. It was sheer coincident that Max who had a bib but could not run due to an urgent call to do some work. It was when he had insisted that I could use his bib to run, that reality really sank in; I panicked. Could I do justice to Max and deliver ? The three hours cut off time came immediately into my mind. Senior Veterans got another half an hour grace.


I have been laid off the road due to medical reasons for the past two months. My medications and treatments did me in. Extra tired all the time and frequent mood swings deterred me from training. It was an on/off mood for me to register online for the event. Several days before closing date for the online registration, I decided to participate; only to read ‘registration closed’ starring at my face. It was due to the maximum number of participants had been achieved. No run. Happy or sad it was my fault. On the eve of the event (Friday) I joined Putrajaya Critical Massers for their monthly cycle ride in Putrajaya. I rode hard, albeit for only 25 KM around Putrajaya. I felt refreshed and alive after the ride.


On Saturday evening I decided to go to the Energizer Night Run. I would take photos for the PACM and the gang. I might even take my bike and offer my services as one of the patrolling support volunteers. Or I might even pirate the event for fun. So I packed my camera and running gear into the car, but decided not to ride, as I had just cycled the night before.


I arrived at 5 pm and prepared to take photos at the venue and waited at the Start Line an hour later, to take photos for the flag off. Max and other photographers were also there. After the runners cleared the Start Line for their 42 KM event, Max asked me why I was not running the half marathon starting at 8 pm. I told him my predicament. Miracles and Angels come in many form, shapes and sizes. Max was delighted that I could use his bib as he could not run in the last minute. I followed him to his friend’s car and he handled to me his unopened package comprising the running vest, bib No J9023 and D-tag for my shoes. I thanked him and promised to do my best.


I was fairly up in the front of the pack behind the Start Line. I usually would be bringing up the rear group. But this time I had purposely moved up in the front for a purpose. I wanted to be ‘forced-pushed’ along in the middle of the pack. A strategy I would regret later because I would start off much too fast for my usual pace. I did not stretch nor warm up. Further more I was not in good shape as I was not prepared for the run at all.


Run, Allen Run I kept panting to myself. My heart beat monitor showed I had maxed out my MHR within the first KM, but soon stabilized to a steady range of 130- 145 BPM. I was pleased that I was breathing easier after the water station at the 2nd KM. I was still doing well although falling well back in the pack. I was pacing at about 7 -8 KM per minute, very smooth and easy. Fortunately the whole 21KM was flat with very slight gradients occasionally.  I was 1 hour 20 minutes at the half way point. I thought I would have 10 minutes to spare if I could keep up the pace. I was also surprised that all systems were GO at this stage. I had a quick checklist. Breathing OK, knees OK, legs OK, lungs OK, chest OK, timing OK, morale OK, thirst OK, and mood OK.


I continued to run at a very consistent pace, not fast, not slow, until I started to feel my left calf had started to tighten up. It was Ok I thought, as there were many other runners who had stopped for cramps. I must apply cramp management to stop a potential painful pull. At about 16KM both legs started to tighten up. I had to be very careful in my strides, as I could not afford any cramps at this stage; with only 5 KM to go. I limped and landed hard on alternative legs to keep on going. I was loosing time, but I was progressing. I was on the home run. I was in control until the last 500 meters when I had a full cramp on my right leg. I limped home in pain and finished at 3 hours 16 minutes. My performance was much better than I had expected, given that I had no training and preparations.


I was pleased to report to Max and the others I had made it and showed off my finishing medal. Thanks Max you are an Angel. It was a happy ending when two more Angels unexpectedly turned up. My wife and daughter May Senn greeted me. I had never really on my life expected to see them. Can’t ask for more Angels and joys. Another medal round my neck. Good job.


Will upload some photos later.


Allen Lai