Monday, June 28, 2010

Putrajaya Cyclefest 2010

All spruced up

Warming up

Roadies for the 100km Night Challenge

A team for the inter-department race

Not too young to ride. Waiting for his event

Skateline anybody ?

Adoi !

Last Saturday 26 June 2010, I attended the Putrajaya Cyberfest 2010 held at the Palace of Justice hoping to spend a quiet weekend with my cycling gang. But it was not to be. The event started off delayed and with a very low key. We believed low turn up was because of poor date and timing. Other events were also held concurrently in Putrajaya and the the prestigious Standard Chartered KL marathon was scheduled for the next day. This alone would have kept many people away for the Cyclefest.

Whilst there were many events for the community, family and government departments, all were in the mountain bike group. The only event for road bikers were scheduled for the 100 km Night Challenge. A side event was inline skating scheduled in the evening.

I did not stay any longer than necessary as I was not much of a Mtb nor inline skating fan. I did managed to take some photos which I had uploaded in my Picasa Web album here.

Allen Lai

Welcome Denis and PLee



Hi Denis and Plee,

Welcome to our blog.


Allen Lai

Standard Chartered K L Marathon 2010

Kedai Runcit Kak Kash & Rais

Me and Kooky, me just clocked in

Thanks for the drink

First class customer service

AJ getting a coolant

Arief getting a rub a dub

A happy Adeline as always

Hi all,
I was sidelined for the KL marathon this year. But then I enjoyed myself very much by just being there to support you all. I promised myself to be on the road again come October 2010. Picking up the pieces for now.

I woke up at 0300 hours not for my usual favourite footie teams, but to be at the Padang Merdeka by 4 am. When I arrived May Senn and Arief were already at the car park. Arief would run for the full marathon and May Senn half. The sky was threatening with dark clouds and soon enough a slight drizzle came down at the start for the main event. It was a wet start at 5 am, and by 6.15 am the half marathoners were quite lucky to be flagged off dry after a short mass stretching drill.
I left the Padang for KM36 enroute to be at the Kedai Runcit Kak Kash just as the main contenders for the 42 KM event were coming back to the finish line at around 7.30 am. That's pro and elite running for you.

Getting to the kedai was more difficult than I had planned. The police had closed all access to Jalan Langgak Tungku. No way any vehicle can move past the blockage being as effective as the Israeli blockage. I tried to get in via Jalan Kuching/Jalan Duta roundabout but was redirected to the DUKE highway by a fierce police corporal. Using the DUKE highway I could get to Jalan Duta again after having to do a U turn at the Ulu Langat end of the Highway. Paid toll twice only to be back at Jalan Duta, But wait, I am at the wrong end of Jalan Duta. Yuk. Did a turn up at Jalan Semantan, refueled (water stop for my car) at the Esso petrol station and was quickly back at Jalan Duta. This time I was cut off at the Jalan Duta tennis courts turn off. It is now permanently closed. I must proceed to the Jalan Kuching round about, which was still closed. A big signage showed Ipoh and Utara. I must do some quick thinking as I was already late for my shift duty at the kedai.

I am glad that I am trained in situational leadership and situational awareness. I stopped my car and got out to approach the policeman in charged. I said that I was late for my tennis game at the tennis courts, just 200 meters away. I need to be there as my opponent was already in the court. I was running late. The policeman took my plight line, hook and sinker. He removed the barrier and told me to drive slowly and not to knock down any marathon runners. I promised and thank him.

When I arrived at the kedai, Kooky, Rais and Julie were already in action. In all I had done 42 km in my car, not bad for Sunday run. The effort in getting to join Kooky, Rias and Julie at the kedai was all I cared for yesterday morning. And I am glad that I made it to support you. It made my day.

I took quite a number of photos and uploaded them to my Picasa Photo album here. Feel free to download any photo.


Allen Lai

Sunday, June 20, 2010

1 Malaysia International Dragon Boat Festival 2010



Putrajaya Jom!

Hong Kong

Clear winner


Pink ladies team

All smiles

Today culminated the 1 Malaysia International Dragon Boat Festival 2010 held in Putrajaya from 18 – 20 June 2010. I attended the final events today and took lots of photos to share with you all.

The festival was a great success and I enjoyed myself very much. I had made many new friends as the atmosphere was friendly and fun, despite of its competitiveness. The two main races were the International events and Malaysian events. There were events for 12 crew boats and 22 crew boats for both single and mixed genders. I feel this is one of the toughest water sport ever, in that rowers would have to paddle as hard a possible, non stop, for at least 2 and half minutes over 500 meters distance. That is real anaerobic at its best. Let my photos tell my story.

Visit the organiser’s website here:

I have uploaded 200 over action packed photos here.

You must click the photos individually to download.


Allen Lai

Friday, June 18, 2010

Feel Good, Feeling Good

It is always good talking to Kooky. You get more than what she says. That’s value added for you. She had agreed to help me to help Ibrahim. What are my plans? She had probed me. That’s leadership at its finest, be a good listener.

I’ll strategize my plan on Feel good, feeling good. When Kooky crossed the finishing line for the Ultramarathon in 14 and a half hours, she felt good as anybody would feel the same goodness. But that was not all, she had felt a higher level of goodness. Yes she must have in part felt good because of completing her race well and had achieved what she had set out to do. But most of all she had felt a higher level good because she had achieved a higher objective. Project 84; she had run for Autism, no boundaries.

When I wrote my first post (see below) on what I did to help young Ibrahim, I had many calls and prayers extended for Ibrahim. All had sympathized and had prayed for Ibrahim’s full recovery. To those who had prayed, I am God’s answer to their prayers. God had dispatched me to help Ibrahim for you. If this is too much for you to grasp, never mind. You can understand if you give it some thought at your next prayer time. Meantime you can still help. Do a Kooky. Run with Ibrahim in next year’s KL marathon. Get the higher level of Feel Good that Kooky felt when she crossed the finish line to touch the lives of those with Autism. It is different. This feeling good cannot be shared, it is very personal. Ask Kooky.

I will be talking to Kooky on my concept and plan on how to go about this project. The plan will essentially entail an immediate small collection of funds/ donation in kind, to source anti cancer food for Ibrahim so that he can get off the wheel chair ASAP. The next step would be to get Ibrahim stronger so that he can start physiotherapy and preparation for the event. Ibrahim’s father, his doctors and I will monitor his progress. I believe with all our immediate contributions and help, Ibrahim should be ready to begin his initial training for his event in 2011. I will post his progress reports in this blog.

Register with us now, no limits to the number of helpers or runners. Contact me by email at ,Kooky@Run Kooky Run or Julie @missjewelz to register your interest to chip in to help out. Let us make a difference for Ibrahim. I am his hope, you are our hope.

Allen Lai

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Me and UltraKooky

Hello all,

Yesterday I managed to catch up with Kooky to pass on the contributions I had collected on your behalf for her project 84. Kooky had successfully completed her 84 km maiden Ultra -marathon in Singapore and in earning her pledge to Run for Autism. Syabas and kudos to you Kooky. It was not an easy feat that you had accomplished. Many people could not even run a full kilometer, much less an Ultra-marathon. Your 14 and a half hours timing at the finish line for a first timer was testimony to your true grit and determination. We congratulate and salute you for your Project 84, which had no boundaries in the human spirit. Kooky had displayed leadership at its best.

I sincerely wish to thank all my family members and close friends who had generously contributed to this noble cause. I apologize for the poor planning and short notice that I had sent out seeking for your contributions and help. You all had responded almost immediately and had stood up to be counted. You had mattered, and Kooky had said to me that every Sen counts. Kooky and I are very proud of you all and wish to say a big thank you.

Read Kooky’s race report here.

Thank you Kooky for your leadership and wishing to help me out in undertaking to help young Ibrahim who is down with leukemia. No I won’t allow Kooky to take on the blunt end for Ibrahim. Allow me to emulate her fine efforts. It is my personal pledge this time. It is my fight to help a fellow cancer patient. I had achieved my first and immediate objective to source essential filtered water for Ibrahim. Thanks to Dato Dr. Noordin Darus and Worldwellness Sdn Bhd. I still have my long term objective to achieve, and that is to source funds for Ibrahim to have a bone marrow / stem cell transplant.

I had earlier in the hospital asked Ibrahim if he would like to join me in running marathons. He had answered “Nak, tetapi susah ku lari”. I cheered Ibrahim up and assured him that he will get well soon and will be able to run with me and my friends. We jomed. I had then discussed with my daughter May Senn that we’ll run for Ibrahim in the coming KL Marathon. We’ll take turns in a relay to push Ibrahim in his wheel chair. She will find volunteers to help out. This will make Ibrahim’s dream come true, as Ibrahim’s father had told me that Ibrahim had never ever ran in school activities before. But running in the coming KL marathon was not to be, as we did not have the time to prepare for Ibrahim’s run. And also Ibrahim and I had just completed our punishing radiotherapy sessions. We needed at least 3 weeks to recover from its side effects.

Learning from Kooky’s courage and cue to undertake in helping others, I think I can do a bit more for Ibrahim. I envisioned Ibrahim to be running with us next year. It is a doable objective. Dato’ Dr. Noordin had already assured clean and filtered water for Ibrahim, all Ibrahim needs now is a balanced anti cancer diet to help him to be cancer free. Proper selected food intake will bring Ibrahim on his feet again. Proper food will ensure remission in his cancer and it will also ensure that he will never have another relapse again. And with God’s help he may never need to have a bone marrow / step cell transplant.

I have adequate readings into anti cancer diets. I am confident proper food will cure cancer patients. My personal additional food bill is about another RM400.00 - RM500.00 per month. Given that we have to eat lots of fruits, cruciform vegetables, seaweeds, torfu and soys, low GI (Glycemic Index) lentils and pulses, berries, herbs and of course wholegrain rice and cereals on a daily basis. We also have to take a bit of supplements in vitamin C, Vitamin D (Free from sunlight) and Vitamin E. It is essential that leukemia patients impose rigid glycemic controls. All said, I envisage Ibrahim would need a budget of about RM300.00 per month for the next one or two years. This amounts to RM3600.00 per year.

Please help me to get Ibrahim to run with us next year. It is a doable objective. You can pledge a small contribution towards Ibrahim’s anti cancer food need. If you are in a tight corner yourself, please pass my request for help to your friends who can chip out.

Please send your contributions directly to Ibrahim in one of the following way:

1. Write your crossed cheques payable to Ibrahim Idham Mazlan and send it to his house at Unit B11-2-6 Birchwood Court, Bandar Tasik Puteri, 48000, Rawang

2. Bank in directly to his father’s bank account as follows:

Mazlan Bin Mohd Adam

(NRIC 610115-11-5237)

BSN Acct No. 14182-29-0000-5350-9

Mobile Tel No. 012-2845332

You can call me anytime at 013-3948839 or use my email to contact me. I appreciate if you can inform me of your contributions for me to keep track.

Thank you for touching young Ibrahim’s life. Let’s get together and make Ibrahim well again. It's a doable with your help.


Allen Lai

PS. If you had not read my earlier post on Ibrahim, please read here.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mizuno Wave Run 2010

Hello all,

Mizuno Wave Run 2010 is up for registration now. Only for the first 5,000 registrants. Don't procrastinate only to regret later.
I have registered at here.
Don't forget to register early and get your confirmation slip like the one above. See you.

Allen Lai

Monday, June 14, 2010


Me and May Senn

Winners all


Cool ya ?

Most popular pavilion

Off they go

Somebody's head gonna roll

Vroooom. Vroooom at 120 decibels. Enough adrenaline to feel the heat of the CubPrix. My daughter May Senn invited me to go with her to the Petronas CubPrix Round 4 yesterday at the Sepang F1 Tracks. I have no love for the Kapchai , particularly whith Mat Rempits on them. I had agreed to go because I wanted to hone in my skills in taking moving subjects in my photos. This weekend would be a splendid experience.

We arrived at the Sepang racing tracks at noon time before the start of the race events. The weather is very F1 in Sepang. Hot and humid. We parked in the VVIP/officials carpark next to the Pitstops. There were 9 teams busily preparing their riders and mean machines for the first race event. The Yahama 135LC Final comprising only 8 rounds on the North Track. Other events include Cabaran Honda Icon, Persendirian, Wira , CP115 and finally CP130. The last two races capping the engine capacities accordingly.

I was pleasantly surprised with the good organization and layout of the Cubprix. It was nothing short of a professional National Grand Prix. Racing procedures and protocols were followed without compromise. Safety was of course top priority. I hope the crowd at the stands would include Mat Rempits to observe the application of safety and road rules. They will learn a lot from this kind of event. I took my pictures throughout the races, and also of the lovely models at the sponsor’s pavilions. Honda, Yahama, Sukuki, Modenas, they were all there.

The PETRONAS CubPrix is part of the AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship. The annual event comprise 10 rounds held throughout Peninsular Malaysia. Rounds 1 to 3 were successfully held at Alor Setar, Kluang and Batu Kawan respectively. Round 5 is scheduled to be held in Kota Terengganu, followed by Telok Intan, Melaka, Pekan, Sepang (South Track) and finally Penang.

I enjoyed myself very much and hope to be at the next race in Sepang in November 2010.

Visit my Picasa web album to view and download 400 action packed photos.

Click Here.

Allen Lai

Lapis Lazuli Light

Dr Lai Chiu Nan

An enlightening talk

Information on Kasih Hospice Care Society

Free books on wellness and health issues

Support for Kasih Hospice Care Society, PJ

Health enhancements on sale

I had the privilege to meet Dr Lai Chiu Nam, Ph.D , thanks to Kasih Hospice Care Society. The Society had organized a free talk by Dr Lai at the Dewan Sivik MPPJ on 4 June 2010.

Dr Lai is the founder of the Lapis Lazuli Light Resource Centre in 1991. The Centre is a holistic health education centre, now in 6 countries todate, including Malaysia.

Dr Lai is an articulate speaker and shared her experienced in “Living Well, Dying Well”. A subject close to her heart. She promoted her concept on “Body, Mind and Spirit” for Total Health. A Chemist by profession, she had researched in the prevention and cure for cancer in one of the top three ranking cancer hospitals in the USA.

Visit Lapiz Lazuli Light Resource Center website here to read more about the works and resources available.

Our local resource centre is located at :

Lapis Lazuli Light Centre
G-8, Block G, Jalan PJU 1A/20E, Dataran Ara Damansara, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-7846 8468 Fax:603-7846 8467

Allen Lai

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Power of the Human Spirit

Me and Ibrahim

The power of human spirit is an awesome experience. Many people would have experienced it sometime in their lifetime. I just did.

I always had a high quotient of EQ and compassion in me and I had applied myself well in a general way. When I became a victim of a life threatening disease, my quotients raised to another notch higher, particularly for those who were less fortunate than me in coping with our medical predicament.

I was doing my daily radiotherapy sessions in PPUKM Cheras (HUKM) when I met Ibrahim accompanied by his father Encik Mazlan. Ibrahim was sick, undernourished, frail and wheel chaired. Ibrahim had the classic profile of a very sick child suffering from Leukemia. Needless to say Encik Mazlan had looked even worse off. He had the profile of a very lost father. Lost for words, lost in his thoughts, lost in his esteem and lost for hope. Encik Mazlan had lost hope for his son Ibrahim because Ibrahim in a span of several years had three relapses of cancer cells lodgment in the brain, spine and now testicles. Chemo and radiotherapies are not working well for Ibrahim. How many cancer relapses can a person take? How many cancer relapses can a frail child take? It is more often that chemo and radiation side effects would kill the patient well before cancer does. Encik Mazlan understood that.

It took two days for me to break through to Encik Mazlan. The first two days were always exchanges of a polite weak smile and “Selamat Pagi, ada baik ?”. Encik Mazlan would then shut down into his though, sitting by himself; Ibrahim waiting for the nurse to call his name for his turn in the daily long queue. From the third day onwards I had learnt more of Ibrahim’s medical conditions and the team of Oncologist’s fight to stabilize his Leukemia. PPUKM is a teaching hospital and a Specialist Centre. Ibrahim’s Oncologists are Professors and teaching staff. All doctors were on overdrive to make Ibrahim well. But there are always constraints in life. Encik Mazlan works as a billing clerk in a local TELCO company. He does not get government support and rates for hospital treatments. However Encik Mazlan is able to cover his son’s treatment under his company’s basic standard insurance scheme for lower staff members. Bone marrow and cell stem transplants are out of the question.

Over the week I had gained more confidence from Encik Mazlan and I was also able to put Ibrahim in a happy mood every morning by letting him play the games I had downloaded into my iPhone. In the course of our daily conversations, Encik Mazlan had told me something interesting. There was a full year that Ibrahim was well and his quarterly medical examinations and reports showed good markers. That was the year that Encik Mazlan’s neighbour had helped Ibrahim. He had provided filtered water for Ibrahim to drink daily from his new water filter system. All was well until Encik Mazlan had to relocate from his home in Kelana Jaya, PJ to Rawang for economic reasons. Ibrahim did not have any more opportunity drink filtered water since then, as the neighbour’s filtered water system cost about RM2500.00, with yearly maintenance cost to change the filters. Encik Mazlan could not afford it. Then Ibrahim’s cancer relapses came in one after another unabated.

I told Encik Mazlan, that he should provide the same filtered water for Ibrahim to drink daily no matter what it cost. Ibrahim was OK when drinking the filtered water. We had found out that his neighbour was using the RX WATER filter system from Worldwellness Network Sdn Bhd. A local provider in wellness products founded by Dato’ Dr. Noordin Darus.

I had suggested to Encik Mazlan to take a loan or an advance salary from his company to purchase RX water system. But he could not get his request granted for a small company loan nor advance salary. I told Encik Mazlan not to worry not to despair, I will think of something. I will think of a two stage plan for Ibrahim. Firstly is to get the RX water system immediately for Ibrahim and on a longer planning term, to source support for a Bone Marrow transplant.

I was troubled and worried but did not panic. What if I could not deliver my promise to help Ibrahim? I prayed for guidance and clarity of thoughts. I was no longer thinking of my own prevailing medical problems. My only thoughts were on how to help Ibrahim. I shared my thoughts with my wife and my daughter May Senn. I am Encik Mazlan’s HOPE. I must not fail him and Ibrahim. I must not.

I researched relentlessly in the internet into Leukemia and more into Worldwellness Network Sdn Bhd. I must contact Dato Dr. Noordin Darus. I know help is out there. But how do I talk to the company? More so, what do I talk about to the company? I called the company and requested for an appointment with Dato. The next day I had an appointment with his marketing staff who gave me the best returned call I had ever received in my mobile. Dato’ would see me, Encik Mazlan and Ibrahim on Tuesday 8 June at 11.00am.

My prayers were answered when the good Dato agreed to take on Ibrahim under his DanaWellness programme. Dato gave instruction to his staff to issue a new set of RX WATER filter system, prescription for RX salt and RX Tra to Encik Mazlan. Dato also took time to explain to us his approach to cure Ibrahim. He will see to Ibrahim on a monthly basis. What more do we want? Dato Dr Noordin is God sent to help Ibrahim. We have achieved our first stage with God’s grace.

I have gained this inert power of human spirit in me. I have it, in part because of my upbringing and the close family bondage that I cherished; thanks to my parents. In part also due to my long career in the Army. But in a great part, it is due good friends and commanderie with my running friends in Pacesetters Malaysia. They are the most selfless souls I know. After all running marathons is very akin to the human spirit. The sweat, endurance for pain and the sheer determination says it all.

Allen Lai

Monday, June 7, 2010

A real quiet weekend in Port Dickson

Serenity at its best

Geng Tiger Kapak Melaka

PD World Marina

Rustic and calm

Wild boar anybody ?

Endless horizon

Rocky beach line at high tide

My Wife Peggy, May Senn and I went to PD for a real quiet weekend. No need for a Jom Heboh type of weekend. No running shoes, no bikes, no nothing. Just quiet, thank you.

We went to our secluded condo unit at PD World Marina, 6ms Jalan Pantai. That would be quiet enough.

On Sunday I met a group of bikers from Melaka, who styled themselves as Tiger Kapak led by Encik Afiq. No they said they were not into Mat Rempit nor cared for Bohsia. They just loved convoyed trips, whatever that was. They asked me to take some pictures, to which I did and uploaded for them in my Picasa Album.

I took a long slow walk by the marina and beach line. I also met several anglers having a ball in the quietness of the evening. But most rewarding was just taking some photos at the setting sun.

I was at peace with the world and at peace with myself. Must do this more often.

Allen Lai

Hello Encik Afiq dan rakan rakan, anda bolih download gambar gambar tuan disini. Jom.