Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome Wendy and Feruzbek

Hello Wendy and Feruzbek.

Welcome to follow my blog. Can I assume we met at RFL 2010?Drop by anytime.

Allen Lai

Relay For Life- A New Experience

Me with HOPE for all

Support from MRSM alumni Kuantan

True supporters


In memory of loved ones

Come relay for us

At 3.00 am

You matter


I attended the event late, due to clashing of my programme for the weekend. I have to attend a close friend’s wedding dinner in Cyberjaya. I had previously successfully registered for the RFL and paid online, and two days before the event I had received a call from NCSM secretariat to confirm my registration and that I could come to the event late. Ms Irene Yap would be at the stadium to attend to me. How nice.

I arrived at the NSC sports stadium in Bukit Jalil a little past midnight. I was spared the heavy shower drenching the event, celebrities and all. I had missed the main programme of lighting the Luminaria, doing the survivors/caregivers lap and the most meaningful walk with a survivor lap.

I reported to the registration for cancer survivors and was pleasantly surprised that the staff on duty was briefed of my late arrival. That augurs well for organizational efficiency, customer contact, PR and all that jazz. NCSM sure knows how to welcome a new client. I was warmly welcomed. The staff apologized that Ms Irene would not be able to attend to me, as she would most likely be at the Survivors Tent or had possibly left for home earlier.

I was given my goodies pack complete with my purple T shirt. I asked and was told that cancer survivors wore purple coloured T shirts, whilst yellow and blue and predesigned T shirts were for volunteers and all other participants. The pack had an entry wristband, a set for luminary, some cosmetics, a glow wristband and free RM10.00 cash coupons for the event. I had very mixed feelings when I donned my purple T shirt. A Relay For Life event was organized for people like me and I was informed that the RFL event is a world wide event originating from the US.

I was a bit disappointed with this year’s event, compounded by the unfortunate weather. Mainstream media had played up the hype. ASTRO TV included. I stared at the empty bitumen track in the stadium. No relay ? Event finished ? I was quickly informed that this year’s event could not be held in the stadium proper and hence it was relocated to the small training grass field adjacent to the track. A small patch of green grass like a primary school padang. A small circuit “track” was lined up for the relay and a main stage and camping tentages were set up around the “track”. The rain had stopped leaving behind a very messy, gloomy and muddy field.

I went straight to the Survivors Tent. It was empty of survivors. Ok, maybe they were still on the track with 10 of the 16 hours to go. I asked for Ms Irene Yap and was told that she had just left for home. Somebody paged for Ms Adeline who was on duty. Adeline introduced herself as a permanent staff of NCSM and also a survivor. She asked if I was a blogger, seeing some give away signs. I had my Nikon D200 round my neck and a camera bag on my shoulders. Typical profile. Adeline informed me that there was a special tentage over there for bloggers this year. No I said I am not a blogger per se, although I have a blog site where I share with my readership.

Adeline was the only other person wearing purple T Shirt late that night. All others had gone home to rest. We chatted for a while to get a feel of NCSM and the RFL event. NCSM could not organize a real relay without proper tracks and other race features. The next best thing was to make it out ala carnival, lap runs for survivors, celebrities and care givers. Singing on stage and telematch activities would be fun in the early hours of the morning.

I was jolted to life when I saw the big lighted sign HOPE and the Relay For Life balloon. Then I read Giving Hope and Celebrate Life in a poster. Yes Celebrate life. Life is not always a bed of roses. Life is a constant challenge. A muddy field will do as I reflect my school days playing ruck and muck with mud, making the perfect rugby game.

I went round the field taking photos and blended into the event. There was still a fairly big group of people in yellow T shirts walking round the “track”. Most participants were already grouping around their tents chit chatting in low voices or are already sleeping inside their tents. They were waiting for daybreak with Qi Gong demonstrations and to do the final laps of the relay.

I said Hello to all my subjects before I took their pictures. They had asked me to post my photos into Facebook. I told them that I’ll put them up in my blog I was indirectly promoting my blogsite as they jotted it down in their phones. Most had said “Uncle take again, tadi no flash.” I explained that I preferred no flash photos as they are more alive. I had maxed my ISO to 1600 and set lower White Balance. Photos should be OK, but I confess I am no professional photographer. Touch up can always be done after the picture was taken. Thanks to Photoshop and other photo programmes. I use Light Room 2.

Then I met “her”. He had smiled at me with the cutest pout and a voice to match. “Hi” he said cutely “Take my picture? I am from Damasara. These are my boyfriends”. Whew! I obliged and took “her” picture. I know I’ll have new followers in this blog from now on.

I had met many true and dedicated supporters in yellow T shirts. One had remarked that she was surprised that I wore a purple T shirt. “Uncle you should be resting at home”. They had sensed my tiredness, having just completed my radiotherapy sessions. It had really zapped up all my energy and left me feeling lethargic. I decided not to push myself too hard. There will always be another RFL next year. I will be more organized by them.

I bade goodnight to all and also to Adeline, promising to keep in touch. I then left for home.

Thank you all, for participating, and for being at RLF for us. Thank You NCSM. We are fighting back.

Click here for more photos:

Allen Lai

Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Wesak Day

My prayers for you

Red carpet entrance for us this year

Today is Wesak Day. My family and I always visit the Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple in Brickfields every year to pray. As usual I will pray for good health, prosperity and peace.
This year I added my prayers to all new friends met at the HUKM Hospital and prayed for their speedy recovery. I also prayed for my running friends for their safe runs.
Happy Wesak Day.

Allen Lai

Monday, May 24, 2010

Back to Basics

Yin Yin

I joined Pacesetters sometime last year to which I started to read back issues of the club's magazine. The magazine had many interesting articles written by PACM members. An article by Ms Boey Yin Yin caught my attention. No Caffeine or Alchohol? What ? Both coffee and beer are my must haves.

Yin Yin attended the Back to Basics Running Clinic for SCKLM Run in 2009, and had taken the trouble to jot down notes during the clinic session. Back to Basics is what we all need to reset our misinformation and bad habits in order to get us back on track. I reproduce her article in full (less pictures). It is worth reading, particularly if you are new to marathons.

No Caffeine or Alchohol?

Event: Back to Basics Running Clinic for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 (co-organized by PACM and SCKLM)
Venue: Tapak A, Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur.
Date: 19 April 2009, 8:00am
Speaker: Mark Williams, Elite Runner

Yeah, no caffeine or alcohol on race day - so that's one of the points given by elite runner and coach, Mark Williams, during the first of the three running clinics co-organized by the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 team and PACM.

My initial plan of doing the 10km double hills at 6am followed by the running clinic at 8am was derailed after the visit to the doctor but I figured I could still listen and learn even though I couldn't do the run round the lake.

Rummaging through my backpack I realized I had forgotten to bring a pen so I used the next best thing, my Nokia E71. Found that keying out the notes on my mobile phone keypad was most probably faster than writing with my hand ;) Some of the participants thought I was sms-ing throughout the clinic, so here's proof of my note-taking:

1. Get a medical check-up if this is your first marathon
2. Attire - not too tight, as this will cause chaffing. Not too baggy as you will sweat. Shoes - select a well-known brand and ensure a proper fit.
3. Find a running partner, running with someone helps
4. Where to run? Lake gardens is good. Watch out for KL drivers!
5. Music - Mark doesn't advocate wearing headphones as it might pose a hazard if you can't hear
6. Ladies – be careful and alert when running in remote areas
7. KL marathon starts in the morning - you MUST train in the morning
8. Mark distributed a 10-week plan for beginners and intermediate runners. The focus was on timing of runs, not the duration
9. Fartlek - play with speed. 100m jog, long fartlek, speed, 2 long runs
10. Stick to the plan and don't miss the Sunday long run. But never try to catchup on the training plan.
11. Check pacing from website -
12. Heart rates - Mark doesn't use them. But if you want to, warm up for 15 mins, do 2-3 sprints, 2 minutes of hard running and that should be your max heart rate. Run at 65% of that heart rate.
13. Overtraining - watch out for symptoms: colds, inability to sleep, weight loss. Stop training up to 10 days
14.Orthotics - he's had the inserts for 7 years and no running injuries. He spent 500 dollars on the inserts (I’m presuming this is New Zealand dollars)
15. Vaseline - apply that to avoid chaffing in between legs. And for guys, don't forget the nipples too.
16. Running surface - concrete is the worse thing to run on as there's no “give”. Tarmac on road is slightly better. Running on grass or trails is the best.
17. Downhill running will cause injuries due to impact on knees. WALK downhill.
18. Get plenty of sleep.
19. Core muscles - these are the essentials. When we're tired we tend to lean forward, contracting the diaphragm which leads to us taking in less oxygen. To strengthen the core, do The Plank 2-3 times a day.
20. Gear - never wear new shoes on race day. When selecting shoes, look for arch support. Train in a heavier pair - 450gms. The bulkier, the better.
21. Warm ups - do NOT bounce during warm ups as this will cause real injuries. Do a 5 minute run instead. Stretch, but not for too long. Stretch muscles that are key to running - the calf muscles, Gastrocnemius (big muscle) and the Soleus (the small muscles) as well as your hamstrings and quadriceps.
Each stretch should be 30 secs. Breathe when stretching.
22. Sports drinks - 100plus, Gatorade. He obviously didn't want to be seen promoting a certain brand, he just mentioned that the gas doesn't bother him.
23. Pace - this comes with time. Go to a track and measure your timing. Run 1km and check your pace.
24. Listen to your body. Recognize why you stop running. Is it because you're tired? Is it due to your blood sugar level?
25. Change your shoes after 700k. Look at the bottom of your shoe to understand whether you pronate. It should wear out at the top, not the sides.
26. Strengthen up your legs, run on your toes. Hill running.
27. Practice 21km training before you go for your full marathon
28. If experiencing cramps during the race, stop.
29. Nutrition - eat healthily. 65% of a runners diet should be carbs - rice, pasta, sports drinks. Carbs before running, protein after. Mark takes a protein shake after running to repair the minor tears.
30. Marathon runners talk about “The Wall”, where the body runs out of carbs and converts the fat into energy. To prevent this, practice carbo loading 3 days before the marathon. Take in 550gms of carbs. Mark takes cereals, Rice Krispies to be exact. 1 portion of pasta is about 50gms which means you'll need 11 portions of pasta! Mark has run 25 marathons and hasn't hit the wall in 22 of them with carbo loading.
31. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Drink water 2 hours before the race. Get in 1-2 litres of water. In cooler climates, runners practice caffeine-loading but Mark doesn't recommend this in the hot weather of KL. Beer is a good source of chromium after the race ;)
32. Be careful of heat, take that into consideration.
33. Try different gels - don't take something new on race day.
34. Practice how to run and drink at water stations. Squeeze that paper cup and pour the water into your mouth.
35. Ladies have smaller hearts, hence less blood per contraction which means we don't run as fast as the men. Lower haemoglobin levels result in less oxygen transfer to the muscles. Take iron tablets and have read meat 2-3 times a week. Guinness after a run helps too!
36. Do not drink tea of coffee with meals as this may hamper iron absorption
37. Drink Vitamin C drinks
38. Remember, after the marathon, your immune system is at the lowest. Be careful, take care. Do not expose yourself to others with the flu, etc.
39. DOMS - delayed onset muscle soreness - if you experience this, walking downstairs backwards helps
40. Recovery is 1 day per mile ie. 26 days for the marathon.

His last piece of advice to all marathon runners: You've already taken your first step in registering. Do it. Believe in yourself. The sense of achievement will be amazing.

By Boey Yin Yin (PACM 5070)

Yin Yin is also featured as a runner extraordinaire in this website. Visit Yin Yin's website here.

Thanks Yin Yin, finally I think we have done justice to your wonderful article above. Thank goodness no coffee or alcohol on race days only, right? Maybe I'll try MILO in lieu of coffee.

Allen Lai

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Relay For Life Kuala Lumpur 2010

You matter in the fight against cancer. Come and join our Relay for Life at the MSN Training Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur this Saturday 29 May 2010 from 6.00 pm onwards. The event ends on Sunday 30 May 2010 at 10.00 am. Witness the Luminaria Ceremony. Participate in the Relay or in the Survivor's Lap or just simply enjoy yourselves for the night out as camping gears are easily available on rent.

Relay For Life is an overnight event that aims to raise cancer awareness for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM). It is an initiative in over 22 countries and Malaysians have been united for this cause since 2007. Proceeds from this event goes to supporting the work of NCSM in continuing to raise awareness, promote education and improve treatment and cure for those affected by cancer.

There will also be supporting side events and activities throughout the night. Come as a team if you can gather up to 10 participants.

Thank you in advance for your support. GOD bless you.

Celebrate ..... Remember....... Fight back!

Allen Lai

The late Mr Ngae Koh Hieng's Memorial Run 2010

The late Mr Ngae Koh Hieng

Julie reading Pin Pin's Thank You message

Observing one minute silence

This was the way Mr Ngae always tied his sarong

Me and Julie

Mr Ngae Koh Hieng passed away on 15 May 2010. He was a respected and popular participant in all major running and triathlete events. Mr Ngae’s signature wear had always been his broad smile and sarong, not to mention running bare footed. Most would still enjoy his sense of humour and envy his joy for life. I met Mr Ngae once only, sometime last year in one of PACM’s regular events.

A Memorial Run in memory of Mr Ngae was organized. A more than expected number of runners turned up and met at 0600 for the event. Mostly old friends and regular runners. Quite a few of us came to run in colourful sarongs. A short thank you message from Mr Ngae’s wife, Pin Pin was read by Ms Julie and this was followed by observing one minute silence before flag off. Limited souvenir blib numbers were issued to commemorate the occasion. There was no specific route and participants were free to run their routes and distances. A light breakfast was served after the run.

GOD bless you Mr Ngae, We will always cherish your friendship and remember you with fond memories. Rest in Peace and continue to guide us from Heaven.

Please see some photos taken by me in my Picasa Web Album here.

Allen Lai

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Will you run for Autism ?

tee shirts available in three colours

Kooky Kash and me at the finishing line NB 15KM event

Will you run for Autism ? Maybe not, because you may not have heard about Autism before. I don't know anything about it until I have two young family members with it. To know about Autism please visit this link: (there are also many other websites in the internet)

Kash, of Run Kooky Run fame will run for Autism. See her website :

She had contacted our National Autism Society of Malaysia(NASOM) and pledged to run for a fund raising campaign for the society and in particular to all people coping with Autism. Kash will run in the Singapore Sundown event on 29 May 2010. She will run in the 84 Km Ultra marathon. She had personally designed a tee shirt ( above) for the event she calls Project 84.The tee shirt is for sale at RM30.00 each. She also welcome donors in helping to raise the fund. Donors can pledge RM1.00 for every kilometer she completes in the event. Corporate sponsors can pledge RM10.00 per kilometer. All monies raised will be donated directly to NASOM. Donations are tax exempt.

You can make the difference. Call Kash or me if you wish to donate or need any more information @ 013-3948839

Run Kooky Run

Allen Lai

Monday, May 17, 2010



I am not a tech geek who writes reviews on new gadgets. I am just an end user who likes to use gadgets if it is a useable. I’ll pen my experience with the new iPAD. I won’t go through the specs, type of apps available and write my comments as they are readily available in Apple’s website and all over the internet. I will write how useful the iPAD is for me and my family or otherwise.

The iPad is a nice present from my son Voon Lok. He knows my adage and philosophy in life of why live tomorrow, tomorrow, when you can live tomorrow today. I took to the iPAD like a duck to water. I did because I am an Apple Mac user all the while. I had owned Apples, Pineapples (fake apples) and early Macs. I even had an Apple PDA called Newton in the 80s, the best PDA innovation at that point of time. I only use the PC at the office, but never liked it. Further more I am already using the iPhone 3GS.

The iPAD in not a great innovation by Apple. Such technologies with the iPAD already exist in the iPhone, Ipod Touch, and hey, even Apple’s competitors had better innovations. I believe Apple’s success stems from brand loyalty and the iPAD is a natural upgrade for Ipod Touch users. Apple has already a captive market. No needs for the hypes, bells and whistles and trumpets.

So how do I sum up my experience with the iPAD ? How it relates to my lifestyle and needs for it. I’ll pen them under useful /good and disappointments

Useful /Good (Not in any order of goodness).

The screen resolution is almost perfect like full HD. Very pleasing.

The screen area is 9.7 inch, LED backlit, 1024 X 767, just nice to read a full webpage ibook. No need to scroll.

I can use the iPAD anywhere in the house including reading sitting on my throne. My mac is upstairs in my pad and my Powerbook is 15 inches which is too heavy to lug around the house. Malas aku.

It has plus of 11 hours battery time.

It NEVER gets hot, even after 11 hours continuous and intensive use. Something amazing and no other computing gadget can beat.

Plenty of apps that are still free, particularly ebooks.

It has a built in mike.

I use the free SKYPE programme to talk to my relatives all over the world.

It has a fantastic number of very, very good and practical educational and development apps for kids. I download tons of such apps for Voon Lok’s kids to ‘play’. They call it big Nintendo. So now I’ll have to fight with my grand kids for right of usage time.

My favourite app is Apple’s X-plane. This is a very good flight simulator. I feel like a pilot. Not good for stress management though. I still crash land sometimes.

It is really very easy to use. My grand kids take it like ducks to water too.

It has a beautiful alarm clock, with large analog or digital formats.

The touch screen keyboard is large, intelligent and easy to use. Never makes any typos mistakes.

Double finger flicking good.

Cut copy and paste easily

Easy to join any WIFI set ups.

Easy to search/read my emails

Able to blog directly from my iPAD.

Lovely ( but expensive photo frame) Gaya mau.

Will have plenty of potential uses.


My model was bought direct from the USA, hence not supported by Apple Apps store and Apple iTunes store. First time users will have difficulties.

Iphone and Ipod Touch apps can be used by the iPAD, but with a small screen mode. This is not satisfactory. However there will be more and more native iPAD apps in the stores soon.

Direct sound not too impressive. Poor internal speakers. Haven’t tested with my HiFi system yet.

Cannot use it in non WIFI surrounding. The iPAD with the 3G feature is already out, but its usage will be costly.

Screen rotation and lock if necessary.

No SMS , MMS feature with my model. I suppose it is not a phone. Maybe available with the 3G model ?

Poor hardware backwards compatibility. Cannot charge the iPAD using the USB cable connected to my MacMini.

Needs the latest itunes software. Ver 9.1. Not backwards compatible.

Slow TV, movies and uTube downloads. Maybe it is my broadband line at only 1 Mbyte/sec. Recommends at least 4 Mbytes/sec line. Waiting for my new fibre optic line from TM. Already laid in front of my house. Hope it is not too expensive to use. It is more than 10 Mbte/sec.


Don’t buy a jail broken model from Low Yat. Wait for a couple of months more.

Wait for more iPAD native apps to be available.

Join the revolution. Get one for your kids if not good for yourself.

Read Engadget’ review below:

Well Yimster, Hope I have answered your interest. Call me if you want a hands on. Mobile 0133948839.

Allen Lai

New Balance 15 KM Run- an experience

Me and Mac

I had really, really wanted to run this event. I was one of the few early birds who registered early. Why would I really, really want to run this one? It is a personal pledge. I believe if I can run even one step, I will live one more day and if I can run one kilometer, I will live one more year longer. Like that who wouldn’t want to run?

I am a cancer patient. For the past eight months I have being up and down like a roller coaster. Mood swings, hypersensitivity, dizziness and worries comes with cancer. I am currently under hormone and radiotherapies. The later BBQed me ready to eat. I had discussed with my Oncologist, he had encouraged light exercises and plenty of rest. I asked him if I could run for exercise. If I could run in half marathons which was within my capacity. He said no problem, provided I have the energy and CAN STILL RUN that is. Radiotherapy really zaps up one’s energy. I had already 20 sessions of daily zaps. I feel lethargic and actually lacks energy and strength in my muzzle groups. I have to climb 27 steps from the car park to the hospital lobby in HUKM daily. I wished it was 26 steps. Seriously.

But run, I will. I know the importance of race preparation. I was committed mentally. I will have to put back some strength into my legs. I did short daily walks (my version of LSDs). The week before I did two walks round Jalan Beringin, Bukit Damansara and a slow climb up Bukit Gasing, PJ. I need 3 full days off to charge my battery.

The run was res-venued to Padang Merbok, with the famous double hills. Reality hit home when I studied the route map. Double hills TWICE. I am in trouble. OK I said no need to kill myself. Cancer is already doing it. I will not set any PB or any timings. Just run.

Sunday morning May Senn and Arif picked me up at 05.45 am. May Senn wanted to pirate and ‘pace’ me. I know she actually wanted to be with me should anything happen, as she normally would want to run herself, and I am glad for that. She was always a couple of steps behind me throughout the run.

It was a nice and beautiful Sunday morning and we had a better than expected crowd. Met the usual kakis. I started at the rear of the pack, with a short prayer just to finish the run, whatever the timing. I had a slow and easy pace. Not too uncomfortable, until the Double hills hit me. Yak! my legs wouldn’t lift. No energy to climb. Overall I was OK, I did a quick chectlist, breathing OK, legs OK, chest OK, but pace slowing and stopping. I breathed hard and walked. I was beginning to feel dizzy, I was wandering/swaying from side to side. Though I did not tell May Senn, she saw and knew and she guided me back to the side of the road each time I strayed into the middle of the road. I was OK once up on top of the hills and I am thankful that every time there is a hill climb, there is also a downhill after that.

My usual heartbeat for normal runs would be 120 – 140 BPM. My max is 160 BPM. This time my heartbeat was constantly plus of 150 BPM. It was 160 – 165 climbing the hills. I was actually within the 90% zone on my heart beat. And I know that is no good. I have nothing to prove.

With 2 Km to go I ‘caught up’ with Mac and Adeliene. Mac would always be well ahead of me in previous runs. Yeh, I said to myself I must take on Mac. It is now or never. It must have been one of Mac’s bad hair days. Hi Mac, I puffed, Home run. Woot woot. My heart beat maxed at 176 BPM. Something else worried me. My heart beat recovery time. I usually recover 20 to 30 BPM as I start to slow down. But this did not happen. It was still 170 plus, and didn’t seem to slow down at all. But I was breathing fairly easy. I pushed on for the last kilometer. Then I saw the policemen removing the traffic cones. I know it was their job, but at least let us finish the run first. Taking the traffic cones away was like main battle tanks retreating in the mist of a battle. It effected me with low morale. We may be with the rear pack, but we are in the home run. I came home at 2 hours 20 mins gun time. My kakis were all there to greet me. What a run. I had a bit of collateral damage though. As my skin throughout my body is very dry and brittle caused by radiation, the rubber lining for my knee guards and underwear had braised and tore into my skin at the knees and in between my legs. Otherwise I am feeling very good and pleased with myself. Thanks May Senn.

After this experience, I will take a break and not run until at least after August 2010. I will resign to taking photographs during events until I am well again. I am no Terry Fox nor Lance Armstrong.

View some photos at my previous post. Enjoy.

Allen Lai

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Photos for NB Pacesetters 15 KM 20100 Run

The all girls RED TEAM

Me, before the run

Me and Ultramarathoners

Me and May Senn

Hi all,

I am actually too tired to post my report for the NB 15 KM run this morning. But then I promised the Red Team Girls (above), my photos will be up soonest. A promise is a promise, so I'll just upload the photos for general viewing without editing.
I slept for the whole day, drained and burnt out as I had maxed out during my run this morning. I'll do a report within the next couple of days.


Allen Lai

Friday, May 14, 2010

NB 15 KM Run

Hi everybody,

The event is just round the corner. I have been preparing for it but I wished I had more time before the run. I have collected my Bib and T shirt. My bib number is C4017.

I cannot say that I am not ready, notwithstanding that I am feeling very lethargic, week in all my muzzle groups and purging a bit. I am not fully recovered, but run I must. I am not confident in my timings this time. I can vouch to do my best only. For training I have done two complete runs in Jalan Beringin in Damansara which had some hills and also a quick walk/climb up Bukit Gasing in PJ.

So I am ready. Are you? Lets enjoy ourselves come this Sunday.

Allen Lai

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A very pleasant surprise

Apple ipad 32gb

Hello everybody,

I had the most pleasant surprise last weekend. My son Voon Lok bought me a present. He had come back from Singapore. He said "Dad I bought something for you" and I said "Oh well that's nice. Thank you."

When I opened the parcel I had a moment of confusion and disorientation. What was this ? OK, it was a photo frame. Looks like one. Then I almost fainted when I spied the Apple logo at the back of the photo frame. Yak ! It's the Ipad. But it can't be for real because the Ipad is not even made available in Asia yet. It has just being released in the US. My son must have played cruel joke on me. But I know he won't. It is the Ipad. He had sourced it direct from the US for me. Thanks Voon Lok, You made my day.

I will not be posting in this blog for a while. I have the latest toy to play :)

Do call me if you want to know my experience with it.

Bye for now. Got to rush off to boot it up.

Allen Lai

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bicycle Shop

Shop front

Quality bicycles in stock

Hello all my cyclist friends, non cyclist friends too.

Allow me to introduce my convenient and favourite bicycle shop. It is located at:

K&L Partners, 3257, Jalan 18/37 Taman Sri Serdang, 43300 Seri Kembangan.

The bicycle shop is 20 minutes from Putrajaya and is well stocked with new bicycles and all your repair and accessories needs.

Sam Yap operates the shop. He is the most friendly and helpful bicycle shopman I know.

Call him @ 012-904121

Allen Lai

Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Balance Pacesetters 15 KM Run - Change of Venue

Hello all,

An urgent relay of announcement from Pacesetters. Please note change of venue as follows:

NEW BALANCE PACESETTERS 15KM - Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur

Due to unforeseen circumstances the venue for the said event has been changed to

Race Details as follows:
Date/Time: 16th May 2010, 7:00am
Venue: Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur
Distances: 15KM

For Map, click here.

Race Kit Collection:
1. 8th & 9th May 2010, 11.00am - 6.00pm - New Balance Concept Shop [New Wing]
Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya. Direction, click

2. 15th May 2010, 10.00am - 6.00pm - Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur.

Vest design and measurement - Click here.

Volunteers Recruitment - We are once again looking for volunteers in making the above event a success. Click here for more information.

For New Balance Pacesetters 15KM prizes, click
here for more information.

Allen Lai

Saturday, May 1, 2010

PCM Night Ride

Group Photo

Description of happy in pictorial dictionary

Man and me

Rode very well throughout the 18 Km

Man helping to fix a sticker

Me, Man & Darko


Hello all,

Last night's PCM Night Ride was a great success despite a lower then expected crowd. After all it was our second anniversary. It was celebration time. All our regulars turned up.

It was a perfect night for a ride. Most of us turned up early. Man and Darko grouped us together around our banner to sing Happy Birthday song.

We rode our usual route about 18Km before returning back to the Palace of Justice to cut our birthday cake.

I have taken about 88 photos in all. Please view them at my Picasa web album below.


Allen Lai