Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hi all,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year 2011.
Good health and blessings always.

Enjoy the festive seasons.

Allen Lai

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Malakoff 12km 2010

 Julie finishing

 Me and OP Chan, Ironman

 AJ and Rastam


 Me and Ms Jewelz

Adeline, Paul, Mac

Hi all,
Sorry no report from me as I did not run :(

Here are the photos for the Malakoff 12 Km 2010 run.



Allen Lai

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New year

Merry Christmas

Hi all,

Tis the end of the year that was. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your families. I wish you all the best for the new year ahead.

For me 2010 was a very challenging year, spiritually, medically and physically. What a year I had, but I endured and came up tops.

Nothing stops me, and I had become wiser and more matured. I am happy with all my ups and downs as I have resigned to reality and my age. I am now being benched up to at least past Chinese New Year 2011 and that is just round the corner. I hope to start some participations come March 2011. My left knee has recovered somewhat and there is no more pain in it. My main problem is now only with my right knee. And also overall fitness is lower than expected.

Yes I have being "training" whatever and whenever I can. I take daily slow walks after my QiGong sessions. Hopefully to maintain whats left of my physiques.

And I shall return with a vengeance :)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2011.

No more posts until I start again. Nothing to share lah. :(

Take care. Be seeing you all from the sidelines.

Allen Lai

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Nite

Trick or Treat ?

My wife and I attended Halloween Nite at our granddaughter's Kindergarden school Seri Nakon in Section 17 PJ.
Who says Halloween is for the kids. We beg to differ as we had a blast. What? shouting Trick or Treat all over the neighborhood.


 This is not a freak photo. It is real.

Zer Yinn

About 70 kids and their parents attended the night all dressed to kill. Literally in ghosts gears and masks.The evening started off at 6.00pm with potluck dinner for the kids and adults and concurrently the kids were preparing for the night fall. The kids were treated with balloons, fun games and had their faces painted up.

After dinner the kids were grouped into aged groups and were taken out to visit the houses in the neighborhood. It was fun visiting the houses and shouting Trick or Treat. Gates opened to surprises, some hosts were really dressed up in Halloween gear and entertained the kids. Presents, sweets and gifts were given to all the kids.

 Zer Jynn


 Visiting houses in the neighborhood

Ghost stories

After the round of visitation, the kids returned back to the party house and continued to play Halloween games. It was frightening games and fun. But most of all the concept and story about Halloween was told to the kids.

We will surely attend next year's Halloween Night.

Thanks Nancy for hosting the party.

More Photos here

Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome Mummy who cooks

Welcome to my blog mummy.

Allen Lai

Pacesetters Family Day

Padang Merbok

I attended Pacesetters Family Day at Padang Merbok on Sunday. We had an overcast sky since 6 am and it was threatening to rain. I arrived the padang at 8am to meet a small group of families already there. As I passed the lake gardens and Taman Aman, I noticed a lot of early runners finishing their routines. I met May Senn, Mac and others at the corner of Bank Negara. I was hopeful that some of these runners would join us after their run.

I had also made arrangements with Nita and her daughter Maymun to attend the family day. I had agreed to sponsor Maymum to be a member of the club. We registered with the secretariat and collected our coupons for our breakfast. It started to rain a bit which spoilt the atmosphere for fun. The organizers were ready for all the prepared games to be played. However since the rain was not likely to stop any time soon, the organizers decided to serve breakfast underneath the tentages. We were spoilt for food and had a sumptuous nasi kuning, ayam goring, papadam, achar and of course roti canai. We downed all that with the tarik. Breakfast was really heavy.

Soon the sun came out again and it was fun all the way.  More people joined us, to which I presumed they were the same group of runners at the Taman Aman. I’ll let the photos say the thousand words I would have to write otherwise.


Allen Lai

Me and Encik Rastam, President

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Preparticipation Screening / Assessment

Below is the Preparticipation Screening Questionaire.
Answer them truthfully and it may save your life.
Run safe always.


AHA/ACSM Health/Fitness Facility Preparticipation Screening Questionnaire  

Assess your health needs by marking all true statements.  

If you marked any of the statements in this section, 
consult your physician or other appropriate healthcare 
provider before engaging in exercise. You may need 
to use a facility with a medically qualified staff.  
You have had:  
___ A heart attack 
___ Heart surgery  
___ Cardiac catheterization  
___ Coronary angioplasty (PTCA)  
___ Pacemaker/implantable cardiac defibrillator/rhythm disturbance  
___ Heart valve disease          

Other health issues 
___ Heart failure           
___ You have diabetes 
___ Heart transplantation      
___ You have or asthma other lung disease. 
___ Congenital heart disease     
___ You have burning or cramping in your lower legs 
       when walking short distances. 

 ___ You have musculoskeletal problems that limit your  
___ You experience chest discomfort with exertion.   

  physical activity.   
___ You experience unreasonable breathlessness. 
 ___ You have concerns about the safety of exercise.  
___ You experience dizziness, fainting, blackouts. 
 ___ You take prescription medication(s).  
___ You take heart medications.       
___ You are pregnant. 
_________________________________________  ____________________________________________ 

Cardiovascular risk factors  
___ You are a man older than 45 years.  
___ You are a woman older than 55 years, you  
 have had a hysterectomy, or you are postmenopausal. 
___ You smoke, or quite within the previous 6 mo.  
If you marked two or more of the statements in this 
section, you should consult your physician or other 
appropriate healthcare provider before engaging in 
exercise. You might benefit by using a facility with a 
professionally qualified exercise staff to guide 
your exercise program.  
___ Your BP is greater than 140/90.  
___ You don't know your BP.  
___ You take BP medication.  
___ Your blood cholesterol level is >200 mg/dL.  
___ You don't know your cholesterol level.  
___ You have a close blood relative who had a heart attack before age 55 (father or brother) or age 65 (mother or              
___ You are physically inactive (i.e., you get less than 30 min. of physical activity on at least 3 days per week).  
___ You are more than 20 pounds overweight. 
_________________________________________  ____________________________________________ 

You should be able to exercise safely without consulting 
your physician or other healthcare provider in a self- 
guided program or almost any facility that meets your 
exercise program needs. 
___ None of the above is true. 

_________________________________________  ____________________________________________ 
Balady et al. (1998). AHA/ACSM Joint Statement: Recommendations for Cardiovascular Screening, Staffing, and Emergency Policies at Health/Fitness 
Facilities. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 30(6).  (Also in: ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, 7th Edition, 2005. 
Lippincott Williams and Wilkins )  

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Visit to the pediatric Ward HUKM

Hi all
Below is the video on our visit to the pediatric ward HUKM. A video is worth more than a thousand words. Thanks to Pueh Tian.

Allen Lai

Symposium of Sports Health

Prof Dr John George

I attended the one day Symposium of Sports Health in Industry held at the Perdana Hall, National Sports Institute, Malaysia in Bukit Jalil on Wednesday.
The symposium was sponsored and hosted by The National Sports Institute Malaysia (ISM) and The Malaysian Association of Sports medicine (MASM).All the key speakers were professors in sports, doctors and professional practitioners in the sports industry. It was certainly a high powered presentation on sports science and sports medicine.
Topics presented for discussions include
  - Sports events medical care.
  - Sports injury prevention.
  - Pre-participation screening / assessment.
  - Exercise in chronic illness.
  - Muculoskeletal radiology referral,
  - Nutrition and supplementation.
  -  Corporate wellness, Fitness and Health.
  - Stress management in every day work situations.
  - Physiological process of the body and exercise.

The presentations were very candid and up todate issues hightlighted. Two topics were very relevant and important for us as weekend warriors/runners ie Muculoskeletal radiology referral and Pre-participation screening / assessment.
 There are tremendous advancement in muculosketal radiology. MRI and ultrasound scanners are really awesome machines. Dynamic pictures and images are now available in ultrasound scanning and the MRI image resolutions are down to 1mm. It is now possible to see internal ligament tears, intrasubstance tears and all in high resolution colours. Diagnostic arthroscopy is a thing of the past. All these equipment are now available in Universiti Hospital (PPUM). Hey it does not mean now you can get yourself injured. Run safe OK?
Of late we have heard of unfortunate casualties in death and serious injuries in the races. I would recommend every runner conduct a self pre-participation screening/ assessment beginning of every year. Listen to your body and evaluate your medical condition. It may save your life.
The symposium recommended a prescribed questionnaire format for self evaluation before any race.

I will download and post the Questionnaires soonest.

I aslo had the pleasure to meet athletes and sportsmen/sportswomen members of our Malaysian contingent to the recent Commonwealth Games in Dehli, India. We should all be very proud of them. 12 Golds . Syabas Malaysia.

Run Safe

Allen Lai

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A visit to the Pediatric Ward HUKM

Ijam clowning as usual

This post is repeated from my blog Feel Good Feeling Good.

Kooky Kash is one kool Kooky. On the trails, in her races and in taking up the most challenging projects. Her eye for concepts, details and creativity are unbelievably spot on. You got to meet or work with her to actually see all her traits. Just believe me.
Kooky had cued to me that she would like to do an event with unfortunate kids. She would like to present them with race medals so that they would be encouraged and be one day able to pick up the sport. I agreed but with some apprehension. I really foresaw a lot of problems and obstacles ahead. Who would want to help us to do the event at the Pediatric Ward in HUKM? Did we have the time frame?
We would have to start dealing with the kids who are frail and fighting for their lives. This is no normal kids party. That would be chicken’s feed. Our target participants are located in the hospital’s ICU, bedriden in individual rooms and in a ward highly restricted to visitation. Can we get enough runners to donate their medals for the kids?  Admittedly I did not offer to part with my medals too, but parted with two.
A basketful of medals

It takes Kooky to get things moving. She quickly rounded up a great team to get things done. All amazingly through her blog, emails, sms, telephones calls and Facebook. Soon I had emails coming from strangers in respond to Kooky’s call. I’ll do this and I’ll do that. My friend can do this and my friend can do that. Wow. Soon enough even Kooky got help, contribution and donations from total strangers. Help and precious medals poured in. Unbelievable, in about 10 days our email thread was so long and deep that if it was yarn we could have weaved a running vest. We had only one brief meeting at my house two days before the event.
Who says there must be a team leader in teamwork? Our team did not have a leader per se. We were all peers; all of us took on our responsibilities and tasks without much of a fuss, question or doubt. Critical decisions were made by each team member.  Our teamwork was slick like clockwork, all cogs moving smoothly forward. We had over come all the obstacles in time management, resources, floor space management and event management.

Happy birthday all

We hosted 25 kids from age just over 1 year old to about 12 years old. All were with Leukemia or Lymphoma. Some were in wheel chairs and some still had IV/ drip tubes still attached. All were accompanied by their parents. Five were confined in their own rooms.
Our programme included interactive singing, a magician, a clown, board games, face painting, sand art, balloon sculpture, a birthday celebration and a big feast. The event finished with medal and gift presentations to the kids. All cramped into 2 hours and done within a floor space of about 20 X12feet. Whew, do we have a tight ship. We also had to do a side activity to visit the kids who were confined to their individual rooms. They were also not left out as we were determined to bring cheer to them by giving them medals and gifts as well.
Kooky's team

Kooky was accepted as our Ketua, I was as usual SiTua and I took on as floor manager and troubleshooter.  Julie was MC, Karen Loh took care of the visit to the kids in their rooms. Tina was Music Director, Nita was in charged of the cakes and Rais and all others were crew and deck hands. Our own spouses and kids contributed just as much in organizing the space and more importantly cleaning up the place after the event. A big thank to you guys. Soon more of the gang came to help out. Ijam came in time to clown around. He said to me that he did not have any training as a clown. He was just himself. No need to play act. Pueh Tian and Yim took all our photographs. Gerald and two lovely ladies from the Sacred Heart Church Peel Road came with a guitar for our sing-a-long. The Church also kindly donated biscuits, food and goodies to the Hospital. Thank you Gerald.
Young Danial volunteered to perform amazing magic tricks and card tricks. We salute and thank Danial’s father Dato Bala  for allowing him to perform despite young Danial was to sit for his school Assessment Test the next day. We had Chai working with the balloons, Anne did the pretty faces with colours and stickers, Wai Wan brought some interesting board games for the kids and Kelvin and June provided the sand art. Khairul Anuar, Azza and Syah and their families were also with us for the event.
Everybody enjoyed themselves, kids, parents and of course we had a blast. Julie and Maymun were born frogs, having demonstrated their skills in Lompat Si Katak Lompat. They will win hopping races hands down. Ijam obliged me with a short stint of Joget; and boy, was Tina a singing sansation. So much hidden talent in her. Watchout Academy Fantasi wannabes.
I must add that everybody had held their composures well. Well almost everybody. Presentation of the medals was a hyper emotional itinerary. Both in the games room and in the individual rooms. A handicapped boy was brought to center stage to participate with the magician. He had refused any assistance by Julie to return to his wheel chair. He struggled back all by himself. I am not a very tough guy either and had shed a tear discretely. It was unbelievably touching.
 Only poor Junebaby had to miss the event as she was scheduled to visit Taiping on Sunday. Junebaby was in the original team. Thanks for all your help and encouragements; and for keeping yourself in the loop throughout. There will always be a next time.
The PRO and hospital staff on duty were great hosts to the event. They were most helpful to all our requests, including Baca Doa by the resident Ustaz. HUKM staff did not believe that we are a bunch of good friends, quickly assembled by Kooky and gang; of which most had not even met before until at the event. I still don’t believe it myself, why should they. They thought that we belonged to some slick NGO. Ha Ha. We became instant event consultants for HUKM’s future projects.
I wish to thank everyone who had contributed to the success of this wonderful event. We couldn’t have done it but for Kooky. We had achieved our aim to bring hope and cheer to some unfortunate kids and had touched many hearts. Most of all the event was fun, like participating in a race.

A medal for you

I’ll direct you to Pueh Tian and Yim’s the FB and photo galleries for more photos of the event. (Thanks for the above photos PT.)

Take care
Allen Lai

Monday, October 4, 2010

Run for L.O.V.E

Hi all,
A couple of us plan to visit the Pediatric Ward Hospital HUKM, Cheras on 17 October 2010. We planned to bring some cheer to the children who are unfortunately suffering from all types of cancer. We plan to organise a 2 hours fun filled event for them. The highlight of the event will be presentation of race medals for every child. It will make their day.

Kooky Kash have posted in her blog for runners to donate a spare medal or two for this purpose. We will need about 20 medals for all the children. Please visit Kooky's website for more details @

You may contact me, or anyone of us if you would like to contribute a medal or two. My mobile is 013-3948839

Thank you for your contribution.

Allen Lai


 Senn & Patrick

 Regular diehards

 Me and friends

 Nurina, Senn, Julie

Me padded up

Hi all,
I am not sure I had the courage to post this, hence the delay.
I am still sore and feeling upset with myself. I broke the cardinal sin in running events. No way should a runner injure himself in a run. Not deliberate anyway. All runs MUST BE INJURY FREE. Run safe, all friends would advice. But what did I do? Run safe I did not.

I had registered early for this event and was very keen to give it a go after a spell of being idle. I did a fair bit of training pre event, mostly 5 to 8 km, two to three times a week. I was alright and knew I would do fairly well despite a hilly route. I was prepared for the 12 Km, hills and all.

I picked up my race kits the weekend before the run. And I was actually extra pleased that it came with a free pair of 2XU compression long running socks. I had heard about compression socks and had seen elites wear them. I put on the socks and it fitted me comfortably and I had felt good with them.

May Senn had cued me to try it first before the race to get the feel of it. Five days before the race I put on the socks for a trial run in the Beringin Damansara circuit. I needed a bit of climbs to try out the compression socks. I ran slowly for only 8 Km and came in under 1 hr and 40 minutes. The compression socks felt good and I had very firmed-up calfs. No cramp and no stress on the calfs. The socks did what it was designed to do. Very scientific and well crafted. I was very pleased with the technology. Glad to have another gear to assist my old legs.

After the run I showered before my coffee break and that's when all hell broke loose. Both my thighs and lower buttock cramped and tightened up. I felt great pain in both my knees (despite putting on my pair of Cho-pat) and all the muscles above the knees and buttock. It has never happened before. All muscles had gone hay-wired. OK, so I had put great strain on those muscles, having transferred the workload from my legs which were nicely compressed. It will go away in a short while. I had applied all the oils, counter pains and plasters I got hold of. The best plaster is Ketotop from Korea. But the pain just did not go away. I could not walk and not even sit on the throne doing my business without pain.

I felt better on Saturday, the day before the race. I was confined t the house for 4 days. There were no more pain but I felt quite stiffed. I then made arrangements for Arif and Senn to pick me up and we would run together. Arif was doing the 25 Km and Senn would accompany me in the 12 Km.

We left the house at 5 am, RVed with a couple of guys in Damasara and proceeded to Kinrara, Puchong. The 25 KM took off at 6.30am and we took off at 7.00 am. We had met many regulars including Mac, Nurina, Julie and Patrick. Senn was with me and we started off from the rear. I felt great and ready. I had my Cho-Pats on, and certainly would not try the 2XU compressors.

It was only 50 meters out when the pain set in again. Senn had ran on and I was beginning to limp with pain. I should have thrown in the tower. But how do I turn around just 50 meters out?

OK I had decided to continue and see how far I could endure the pain. I had said to myself, that this was no run but I'll try pain management instead. I had imagined if I had injured myself half way in my future runs, how would I manage ? I then continued for the whole 12km in pain. The medics and patrolling crews were kind and they had offered me a ride back. Even the ambulance came by, but I was determined to 'finish'  the run. I came in 2hrs 45 minutes. Senn and everybody were there to bring me back to the finishing line. I made it but at what cost? I was so pathetic. Smiles all round did not cheer me as I was feeling great pain.

I am still suffering pains in both my knees and thighs. My knees won't bend and I cannot drive around. I was literally confined to the house, brooding and feeling like a fool. Got an earful from the better half. I deserve everything. This would be a great lesson learnt for me. I am benched for the rest of the year.

Run safe everybody. This is always the golden rule.

Allen Lai

Saturday, September 4, 2010


UniFi broadband

Hi all,

No, I have not been idle for the past few weeks. I have been more than busy. Yes I have not hit the training streak yet and like all my muslim friends, I have been off the road for Ramadan. No, I do not fast, but hitting the sofa was contagious.

I had always wanted lightning speed for my broadband. My wish came true when UniFi banners "Kini di sini"came up in my area. I applied for the service without hesitation. I have now the VIP 5 Mb package in my house. And since then I was busy doing you know what.

Unifi is quite an experience and surfing and downloading is quite a breeze. 24 hours up always for streaming full HD videos. Full HD in UniFi is better than ASTRO's Beyond. No breaks in U-tubes. No waiting for URLs to be loading. Everything is instant. Only thing is some streaming sites need at least 7.5 Mb speeds for their Full HD movies. So maybe the VIP 10 package would be better. May upgrade my package later if needed.

I won't steal the thunder from TM net. Visit them here:

Back to my latest downloaded movie. I paused it midway to post this.

Selamat Hari Raya. Can't wait to visit my friends.

Allen Lai

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Arms-chair running

Hi everybody,

Wasn't training for a couple of weeks now. No excuses offered.
Took up another option, arms-chair running. Come watch my favourite TV programme below. This is first segment. Google for the synopsis and the rest of the episodes. Bet you will enjoy this Korean drama.


Allen Lai

Friday, August 13, 2010

Cho-Pat dual action knee strap

I have always had knees problems. Both of them. My OA's status is currently at stage 4. Irreparable. Surgery may only be the last option.

I recently purchased a pair of Cho-pat dual knee strap. I have used them several times now. They are the best knee support gears in the market today. I append Cho-pat's write up in their product information sheet given in the company's website:

Cho-Pat’s newly patented Dual Action Knee Strap provides an extra dimension of relief for painful and weakened knees.

The strap applies pressure upon the patellar tendon below the kneecap to stabilize and tighten up the kneecap mechanism, which improves patellar tracking and elevation and reduces patellar subluxation. It adds further strengthening to the kneecap mechanism by applying pressure on the tendon above the kneecap as well. This tends to reduce the forces of the quadriceps on the patella tendon and erosion of the undersurface of the kneecap due to a possible misalignment of the quadriceps (Q angle).

The device’s design and construction apply constant dynamic forces to the surrounding areas of the knee reducing the likelihood of overuse syndromes. At the same time, the strap allows for full mobility while providing maximum benefits.

I fully recommend all runners to use these knee straps. It does not matter whether you have knee problems or not. These are real knee support for running.

For more information on other products visit Cho-pat website here

Bulan Ramadan

Hello everybody,

Wishing everybody Selamat berpuasa. I am also waiting patiently for Hari Raya next month.

Take care and a safe journey balik kampung.

Allen Lai

Saturday, July 31, 2010


In memory of Ibrahim

Ready to ride

 Uncle Allen - Safety Warden

Family outing

Thank you for your kindness

 Man Ciocc - Half horse


PCM night for July 2010 was dedicated to Ride For Ibrahim. Man Ciocc and Kooky had organised this event to specifically collect some funds for our young Ibrahim, who was down with Leukemia. But time was not on our side, as young Ibrahim left us to be with Allah on 29 July 2010 at 9.30 am in Kuala Terengganu.

Young Ibrahim had touched our hearts as we did his. As the event was already in place, we decided to Ride in memory of Ibrahim. A minute of silence was observed and collections were still made, to be given, half to Ibrahim's father and half to be donated to a another deserving cancer patient to be decided later.

It started to rain in Putrajaya at 6 pm. The shower was intense but brief, and ended at 8.30 pm. It was then clear sky and the night was lighted with stars. I would believe Ibrahim was among the stars and smiled upon us. Riders started to arrive in groups from 9 pm onwards. Riders from all over Kl arrived slightly later, obviously due to traffic jams in the city. The venue was being prepared for SHAPE's night Run 2010, but we managed to get into the car park and assembled in front of the POJ. There were about 80 riders who braved the dark sky and rain earlier. We were pleased to see Kooky coming in, dressed to the nines in her riding gears. A red nose from her bout of flu to boot. Her presence was very meaningful to the event. Thank you Kooky and Man Ciocc for your magnanimity.

Man Ciocc gathered all of us and gave a short address about Ibrahim and the event. A minute of silence for Ibrahim was announced and riders were invited to contribute for the ride event. We flagged off a bit late at 10.15 pm riding south towards Pullman Hotel before hitting the main route to Alamanda and back to POJ on the usual route. I rode Safety Warden, manning the main crossings, and I was pleasantly pleased that there were several more riders volunteering to control traffic at the vital traffic light junctions.

It was a beautiful and slow ride, cool and very orderly this time. Pensive ? I actually wondered why, as usually we would get some cool riders having the fun of their life. Dangerously sometimes. The ride was one and a half hours covering about 20 km. A rider's unfortunate tyre puncture was the only incident for the evening. All riders and their families had enjoyed their night out.

Thank you everybody for your prayers for Ibrahim and for your kind contributions.

View and download more pictures here

Sunday, July 25, 2010

BHP Orange Run 2010

 Waiting for the flag off

 Group warmups

 Ladies group


Yes, I have really been preparing for this doable event. It is a quarter marathon of 11Km and on a fairly flat route. I had started to build up my confidence and endurance since early June. Slowly and steady I became more ready. I could breathe easy and cruise at about 6 Km per hour at 120 heart beat per minute. I was training at 7 km per run during the week days and on weekends clocked up 10 Km.

However all was not well as planned. I caught a viral attack and coughed badly for the last 10 days before the race. I thought it will blow over with complete rest, but that did not work and I did not get better. I took all sorts of cough medicines and chinese herbs. My flu got even worse and I was deprived proper sleep for the last few nights.

As the last resort I went to see the doctor at a clinic, took an x-ray of my lungs and was prescribed antibiotics. The doctor had advised me against taking part in the run as my lungs were clogged up with bacteria and flam. The previous night I had deliberated to run or not. I compromised by agreeing to walk only. I packed my gears and slept early.

I woke up to my alarm set at  5.00 am. At first I did not know why I had set the alarm to that early. I could not think nor remember that it was race day. Almost went back to bed. Then it kicked in. Race day. Wakey wakey.

I arrived at the Curve, Mutaria Damansara at 6.15 am, giving me plenty of time to warm up. My mind was ready troubled. Could I really finish the run? my cough and all. The run started with the ladies group flagging off at 7.15 am. I mingled with the crowd. Still thinking if I should call it off. And before I could change my mind, the horn blared off at 7.30 am sharp, and I was pushed along with the momentum. What the hell, go Allen go. Quickly set my watch and had a look at my heart beat. It was 110. Hardly 400 meters down the road, my heart beat went up to 130. It has never happened before. I was breathing steady but heavy. It will stay there I thought and slowed down to a deliberate fast walk. My heart beat then cruised at 140 for the next couple of Km. Ok I am in control. Walk fast and a slow jog when down hill. The route was flat most of the way and the weather held, despite a threatening sky earlier.

Did I enjoy my run ? Yes because I finished and no because I didn't really had a good run. My lesson learnt here is never to run again when I am sick no matter how badly I wanted participate. It is not the same. A run must be fun and enjoyable, I should not be challenging to breathe and watching my heart beat monitor all the time.

I came in at 1 Hour 43 minutes gun time. Luckily I was not looking at all for good timings but just to finish the run. Well, I had registered for my next two short runs in September and October. I should be enjoying my runs by then.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Welcome Nije and Ashraf



Welcome to our blog Nije and Ashraf.

Ashraf, surely you don't look that the picture above. I think you are more handsome than this. Upload your picture or an avatar soon, OK ?

Allen Lai

Saved by the bell

Battered boxers in the boxing ring were often saved by the bell to fight another round. In my case I was saved by a ring in my mobile.

I have been training, preparing for next week's Orange Run. I have been running on reasonably flat routes. This morning I thought I'll start a bit of hill work. I was running up the infamous hill in Jalan Beringin, Bukit Damansara. I know I won't make it up all the way, but I won't give up either. I huffed and puffed and kept reminding to myself to breathe. I was really beat and my legs were falling apart, but I won't give up until my heartbeat rate reached 170 as planned. My heartbeat was way pass 160. It was a mind game all the way. I was delirious, hence not thinking of the imminent danger ahead. Then I heard my mobile ringing. A God sent call for me to stop and answer the phone. I stopped immediately, who in his right mind wouldn't? I managed to grasped a week "hello".

Thanks Kooky for calling me at the right time. You saved my life.

Allen Lai

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back on track

I have registered for my next three runs, albeit short 11km and 12 Km runs. Passion ? Nay, more like vengence. I have been off the road for too long. I am back on track now and I am gearing up for some fun.

I had registered for the BHPetrol’s 11 km Orange Run scheduled on 25July 2010, the Newton 12 Km Challenge Kuala Lumpur on 26 September 2010 and the Mizuno wave 11km Run 2010 17 October 2010.

 I am presently in my training mode, clocking 5km at least three times a week. I am still doing brisk walking and I will break into slow running next week onwards. I am doing well so far and I feel 11- 12 Km would be just nice. Maybe, just maybe, I will do a half marathon by year end.

Allen Lai

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ipoh Pergi

Pesta Sponsors

Having a ball

Local World Cup

Full house

Most popular stall

Selamat datang

Hi all,

May Senn invited me to join her on a day trip to Ipoh on Sunday. I replied affirmative as I went into a swoon for Ipoh chicken rice, Paloh Sar Hor Fun, Paloh Yim Kai, and of course Ipoh White Coffee, no less.

So we quickly organised an impromptu family trip comprising me, wife, son Voon Onn, May Senn and grandson Zer Jian. We left KL at 2.30 pm and arrived Ipoh at 5.00 pm. It was an uneventful and stressless drive.

May Senn had suggested that we visit the Perak Football stadium to spend a couple of hours before dinner. A Pesta was organised for the weekend. Pesta Sua Rasa sponsored by TV9 was already packed with families and the car parks were full. The Pesta had a lot of stalls on promotional sales for Malaysian products. Most prominent were local health food and Celcom. There were also fun filled activities for the whole family. A main stage was set up for the evening stage show. I took a lot of photos as usual.

After dinner we wanted to eat Ipoh Yim Kai, but was disappointed that the shop was closed. We then decided to eat at the Wolly Food Court at Taman Ipoh nearby. Food there were quite standard Ipoh fare. Nothing to shout about. After dinner we started the return trip at 8.00pm. Getting home was a breeze with a stopover at Tapah R&R. A quick trip to Ipoh is a doable with our fine highways. We'll have to leave early next time if we want to eat Ipoh Yim Kai. Yummy.

See photos of the Pesta here.

Allen Lai

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome Tryathlete

Hi Tryathlete,

Welcome to our blog.

Allen Lai

Monday, June 28, 2010

Putrajaya Cyclefest 2010

All spruced up

Warming up

Roadies for the 100km Night Challenge

A team for the inter-department race

Not too young to ride. Waiting for his event

Skateline anybody ?

Adoi !

Last Saturday 26 June 2010, I attended the Putrajaya Cyberfest 2010 held at the Palace of Justice hoping to spend a quiet weekend with my cycling gang. But it was not to be. The event started off delayed and with a very low key. We believed low turn up was because of poor date and timing. Other events were also held concurrently in Putrajaya and the the prestigious Standard Chartered KL marathon was scheduled for the next day. This alone would have kept many people away for the Cyclefest.

Whilst there were many events for the community, family and government departments, all were in the mountain bike group. The only event for road bikers were scheduled for the 100 km Night Challenge. A side event was inline skating scheduled in the evening.

I did not stay any longer than necessary as I was not much of a Mtb nor inline skating fan. I did managed to take some photos which I had uploaded in my Picasa Web album here.

Allen Lai