Monday, June 28, 2010

Standard Chartered K L Marathon 2010

Kedai Runcit Kak Kash & Rais

Me and Kooky, me just clocked in

Thanks for the drink

First class customer service

AJ getting a coolant

Arief getting a rub a dub

A happy Adeline as always

Hi all,
I was sidelined for the KL marathon this year. But then I enjoyed myself very much by just being there to support you all. I promised myself to be on the road again come October 2010. Picking up the pieces for now.

I woke up at 0300 hours not for my usual favourite footie teams, but to be at the Padang Merdeka by 4 am. When I arrived May Senn and Arief were already at the car park. Arief would run for the full marathon and May Senn half. The sky was threatening with dark clouds and soon enough a slight drizzle came down at the start for the main event. It was a wet start at 5 am, and by 6.15 am the half marathoners were quite lucky to be flagged off dry after a short mass stretching drill.
I left the Padang for KM36 enroute to be at the Kedai Runcit Kak Kash just as the main contenders for the 42 KM event were coming back to the finish line at around 7.30 am. That's pro and elite running for you.

Getting to the kedai was more difficult than I had planned. The police had closed all access to Jalan Langgak Tungku. No way any vehicle can move past the blockage being as effective as the Israeli blockage. I tried to get in via Jalan Kuching/Jalan Duta roundabout but was redirected to the DUKE highway by a fierce police corporal. Using the DUKE highway I could get to Jalan Duta again after having to do a U turn at the Ulu Langat end of the Highway. Paid toll twice only to be back at Jalan Duta, But wait, I am at the wrong end of Jalan Duta. Yuk. Did a turn up at Jalan Semantan, refueled (water stop for my car) at the Esso petrol station and was quickly back at Jalan Duta. This time I was cut off at the Jalan Duta tennis courts turn off. It is now permanently closed. I must proceed to the Jalan Kuching round about, which was still closed. A big signage showed Ipoh and Utara. I must do some quick thinking as I was already late for my shift duty at the kedai.

I am glad that I am trained in situational leadership and situational awareness. I stopped my car and got out to approach the policeman in charged. I said that I was late for my tennis game at the tennis courts, just 200 meters away. I need to be there as my opponent was already in the court. I was running late. The policeman took my plight line, hook and sinker. He removed the barrier and told me to drive slowly and not to knock down any marathon runners. I promised and thank him.

When I arrived at the kedai, Kooky, Rais and Julie were already in action. In all I had done 42 km in my car, not bad for Sunday run. The effort in getting to join Kooky, Rias and Julie at the kedai was all I cared for yesterday morning. And I am glad that I made it to support you. It made my day.

I took quite a number of photos and uploaded them to my Picasa Photo album here. Feel free to download any photo.


Allen Lai


  1. Wow, didn't know you had your own version of marathon in your car that morning.
    Anyway, thanks a lot for the cheers, supports and photos. I've grabbed some from your Picasa album.

    Thanks again Allen.

  2. Allen, tQ for being there. I really enjoyed your company.

  3. Before I forget, thanks very very much from the bottom of my heart. By being just there cheering and supporting us. It meant a lot to me, specially a virgin first time. I did nearly quit but with your support and team, I made it through! Thanks again Allen!