Saturday, September 4, 2010


UniFi broadband

Hi all,

No, I have not been idle for the past few weeks. I have been more than busy. Yes I have not hit the training streak yet and like all my muslim friends, I have been off the road for Ramadan. No, I do not fast, but hitting the sofa was contagious.

I had always wanted lightning speed for my broadband. My wish came true when UniFi banners "Kini di sini"came up in my area. I applied for the service without hesitation. I have now the VIP 5 Mb package in my house. And since then I was busy doing you know what.

Unifi is quite an experience and surfing and downloading is quite a breeze. 24 hours up always for streaming full HD videos. Full HD in UniFi is better than ASTRO's Beyond. No breaks in U-tubes. No waiting for URLs to be loading. Everything is instant. Only thing is some streaming sites need at least 7.5 Mb speeds for their Full HD movies. So maybe the VIP 10 package would be better. May upgrade my package later if needed.

I won't steal the thunder from TM net. Visit them here:

Back to my latest downloaded movie. I paused it midway to post this.

Selamat Hari Raya. Can't wait to visit my friends.

Allen Lai