Monday, October 4, 2010

Run for L.O.V.E

Hi all,
A couple of us plan to visit the Pediatric Ward Hospital HUKM, Cheras on 17 October 2010. We planned to bring some cheer to the children who are unfortunately suffering from all types of cancer. We plan to organise a 2 hours fun filled event for them. The highlight of the event will be presentation of race medals for every child. It will make their day.

Kooky Kash have posted in her blog for runners to donate a spare medal or two for this purpose. We will need about 20 medals for all the children. Please visit Kooky's website for more details @

You may contact me, or anyone of us if you would like to contribute a medal or two. My mobile is 013-3948839

Thank you for your contribution.

Allen Lai

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  1. What a nice blog. I found it through google suddenly. I have a blog too but not like this one.