Monday, October 4, 2010


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Hi all,
I am not sure I had the courage to post this, hence the delay.
I am still sore and feeling upset with myself. I broke the cardinal sin in running events. No way should a runner injure himself in a run. Not deliberate anyway. All runs MUST BE INJURY FREE. Run safe, all friends would advice. But what did I do? Run safe I did not.

I had registered early for this event and was very keen to give it a go after a spell of being idle. I did a fair bit of training pre event, mostly 5 to 8 km, two to three times a week. I was alright and knew I would do fairly well despite a hilly route. I was prepared for the 12 Km, hills and all.

I picked up my race kits the weekend before the run. And I was actually extra pleased that it came with a free pair of 2XU compression long running socks. I had heard about compression socks and had seen elites wear them. I put on the socks and it fitted me comfortably and I had felt good with them.

May Senn had cued me to try it first before the race to get the feel of it. Five days before the race I put on the socks for a trial run in the Beringin Damansara circuit. I needed a bit of climbs to try out the compression socks. I ran slowly for only 8 Km and came in under 1 hr and 40 minutes. The compression socks felt good and I had very firmed-up calfs. No cramp and no stress on the calfs. The socks did what it was designed to do. Very scientific and well crafted. I was very pleased with the technology. Glad to have another gear to assist my old legs.

After the run I showered before my coffee break and that's when all hell broke loose. Both my thighs and lower buttock cramped and tightened up. I felt great pain in both my knees (despite putting on my pair of Cho-pat) and all the muscles above the knees and buttock. It has never happened before. All muscles had gone hay-wired. OK, so I had put great strain on those muscles, having transferred the workload from my legs which were nicely compressed. It will go away in a short while. I had applied all the oils, counter pains and plasters I got hold of. The best plaster is Ketotop from Korea. But the pain just did not go away. I could not walk and not even sit on the throne doing my business without pain.

I felt better on Saturday, the day before the race. I was confined t the house for 4 days. There were no more pain but I felt quite stiffed. I then made arrangements for Arif and Senn to pick me up and we would run together. Arif was doing the 25 Km and Senn would accompany me in the 12 Km.

We left the house at 5 am, RVed with a couple of guys in Damasara and proceeded to Kinrara, Puchong. The 25 KM took off at 6.30am and we took off at 7.00 am. We had met many regulars including Mac, Nurina, Julie and Patrick. Senn was with me and we started off from the rear. I felt great and ready. I had my Cho-Pats on, and certainly would not try the 2XU compressors.

It was only 50 meters out when the pain set in again. Senn had ran on and I was beginning to limp with pain. I should have thrown in the tower. But how do I turn around just 50 meters out?

OK I had decided to continue and see how far I could endure the pain. I had said to myself, that this was no run but I'll try pain management instead. I had imagined if I had injured myself half way in my future runs, how would I manage ? I then continued for the whole 12km in pain. The medics and patrolling crews were kind and they had offered me a ride back. Even the ambulance came by, but I was determined to 'finish'  the run. I came in 2hrs 45 minutes. Senn and everybody were there to bring me back to the finishing line. I made it but at what cost? I was so pathetic. Smiles all round did not cheer me as I was feeling great pain.

I am still suffering pains in both my knees and thighs. My knees won't bend and I cannot drive around. I was literally confined to the house, brooding and feeling like a fool. Got an earful from the better half. I deserve everything. This would be a great lesson learnt for me. I am benched for the rest of the year.

Run safe everybody. This is always the golden rule.

Allen Lai


  1. Oh dear. Sorry to hear that Allen. I didnt get the chance to bump into you that day. Hope it will heal soon ya. Dont despair, rest and come back strong :)