Monday, October 25, 2010

Pacesetters Family Day

Padang Merbok

I attended Pacesetters Family Day at Padang Merbok on Sunday. We had an overcast sky since 6 am and it was threatening to rain. I arrived the padang at 8am to meet a small group of families already there. As I passed the lake gardens and Taman Aman, I noticed a lot of early runners finishing their routines. I met May Senn, Mac and others at the corner of Bank Negara. I was hopeful that some of these runners would join us after their run.

I had also made arrangements with Nita and her daughter Maymun to attend the family day. I had agreed to sponsor Maymum to be a member of the club. We registered with the secretariat and collected our coupons for our breakfast. It started to rain a bit which spoilt the atmosphere for fun. The organizers were ready for all the prepared games to be played. However since the rain was not likely to stop any time soon, the organizers decided to serve breakfast underneath the tentages. We were spoilt for food and had a sumptuous nasi kuning, ayam goring, papadam, achar and of course roti canai. We downed all that with the tarik. Breakfast was really heavy.

Soon the sun came out again and it was fun all the way.  More people joined us, to which I presumed they were the same group of runners at the Taman Aman. I’ll let the photos say the thousand words I would have to write otherwise.


Allen Lai

Me and Encik Rastam, President

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