Sunday, July 25, 2010

BHP Orange Run 2010

 Waiting for the flag off

 Group warmups

 Ladies group


Yes, I have really been preparing for this doable event. It is a quarter marathon of 11Km and on a fairly flat route. I had started to build up my confidence and endurance since early June. Slowly and steady I became more ready. I could breathe easy and cruise at about 6 Km per hour at 120 heart beat per minute. I was training at 7 km per run during the week days and on weekends clocked up 10 Km.

However all was not well as planned. I caught a viral attack and coughed badly for the last 10 days before the race. I thought it will blow over with complete rest, but that did not work and I did not get better. I took all sorts of cough medicines and chinese herbs. My flu got even worse and I was deprived proper sleep for the last few nights.

As the last resort I went to see the doctor at a clinic, took an x-ray of my lungs and was prescribed antibiotics. The doctor had advised me against taking part in the run as my lungs were clogged up with bacteria and flam. The previous night I had deliberated to run or not. I compromised by agreeing to walk only. I packed my gears and slept early.

I woke up to my alarm set at  5.00 am. At first I did not know why I had set the alarm to that early. I could not think nor remember that it was race day. Almost went back to bed. Then it kicked in. Race day. Wakey wakey.

I arrived at the Curve, Mutaria Damansara at 6.15 am, giving me plenty of time to warm up. My mind was ready troubled. Could I really finish the run? my cough and all. The run started with the ladies group flagging off at 7.15 am. I mingled with the crowd. Still thinking if I should call it off. And before I could change my mind, the horn blared off at 7.30 am sharp, and I was pushed along with the momentum. What the hell, go Allen go. Quickly set my watch and had a look at my heart beat. It was 110. Hardly 400 meters down the road, my heart beat went up to 130. It has never happened before. I was breathing steady but heavy. It will stay there I thought and slowed down to a deliberate fast walk. My heart beat then cruised at 140 for the next couple of Km. Ok I am in control. Walk fast and a slow jog when down hill. The route was flat most of the way and the weather held, despite a threatening sky earlier.

Did I enjoy my run ? Yes because I finished and no because I didn't really had a good run. My lesson learnt here is never to run again when I am sick no matter how badly I wanted participate. It is not the same. A run must be fun and enjoyable, I should not be challenging to breathe and watching my heart beat monitor all the time.

I came in at 1 Hour 43 minutes gun time. Luckily I was not looking at all for good timings but just to finish the run. Well, I had registered for my next two short runs in September and October. I should be enjoying my runs by then.


  1. Good job Allen but it pays to listen to the doc's order ya. Health first, plenty of run to come. But nevertheless fantastic job finishing with sheer determination :)

  2. good job there. i missed the registration date for bhp run. only knew about it after reading ur blog few week ago.

  3. I've tried running when recovering and when very tired. Doesn't work. BEst to rest. But Oh, Oh How frustrating......