Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Nite

Trick or Treat ?

My wife and I attended Halloween Nite at our granddaughter's Kindergarden school Seri Nakon in Section 17 PJ.
Who says Halloween is for the kids. We beg to differ as we had a blast. What? shouting Trick or Treat all over the neighborhood.


 This is not a freak photo. It is real.

Zer Yinn

About 70 kids and their parents attended the night all dressed to kill. Literally in ghosts gears and masks.The evening started off at 6.00pm with potluck dinner for the kids and adults and concurrently the kids were preparing for the night fall. The kids were treated with balloons, fun games and had their faces painted up.

After dinner the kids were grouped into aged groups and were taken out to visit the houses in the neighborhood. It was fun visiting the houses and shouting Trick or Treat. Gates opened to surprises, some hosts were really dressed up in Halloween gear and entertained the kids. Presents, sweets and gifts were given to all the kids.

 Zer Jynn


 Visiting houses in the neighborhood

Ghost stories

After the round of visitation, the kids returned back to the party house and continued to play Halloween games. It was frightening games and fun. But most of all the concept and story about Halloween was told to the kids.

We will surely attend next year's Halloween Night.

Thanks Nancy for hosting the party.

More Photos here


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