Sunday, May 16, 2010

Photos for NB Pacesetters 15 KM 20100 Run

The all girls RED TEAM

Me, before the run

Me and Ultramarathoners

Me and May Senn

Hi all,

I am actually too tired to post my report for the NB 15 KM run this morning. But then I promised the Red Team Girls (above), my photos will be up soonest. A promise is a promise, so I'll just upload the photos for general viewing without editing.
I slept for the whole day, drained and burnt out as I had maxed out during my run this morning. I'll do a report within the next couple of days.


Allen Lai


  1. Hey Allen. Kash said you were looking for me for a little chat on Ipad hehe. Apologies i went home first. And unfortunate my car got broken in. Another time perhaps and rest well ya

  2. Hi Yimster,
    Yes I was looking out for you. Saw your photo at Kash's last post in her site. You are tall.Sorry car got broken into. Happens all the time. Organisers said they will take pro active actions to prevent it. But alas.

    I will put up something for you to read about the ipad.
    Take care

    Allen Lai

  3. Yeah Allen, I kind went back slightly early as my colleague came with me. Was a disappointment having my car broken in twice now, both also at running events. No worries about it, I'll live and run yet another day and thanks for the Ipad review! You're just making me slobber already lol