Friday, May 14, 2010

NB 15 KM Run

Hi everybody,

The event is just round the corner. I have been preparing for it but I wished I had more time before the run. I have collected my Bib and T shirt. My bib number is C4017.

I cannot say that I am not ready, notwithstanding that I am feeling very lethargic, week in all my muzzle groups and purging a bit. I am not fully recovered, but run I must. I am not confident in my timings this time. I can vouch to do my best only. For training I have done two complete runs in Jalan Beringin in Damansara which had some hills and also a quick walk/climb up Bukit Gasing in PJ.

So I am ready. Are you? Lets enjoy ourselves come this Sunday.

Allen Lai

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