Sunday, May 9, 2010

A very pleasant surprise

Apple ipad 32gb

Hello everybody,

I had the most pleasant surprise last weekend. My son Voon Lok bought me a present. He had come back from Singapore. He said "Dad I bought something for you" and I said "Oh well that's nice. Thank you."

When I opened the parcel I had a moment of confusion and disorientation. What was this ? OK, it was a photo frame. Looks like one. Then I almost fainted when I spied the Apple logo at the back of the photo frame. Yak ! It's the Ipad. But it can't be for real because the Ipad is not even made available in Asia yet. It has just being released in the US. My son must have played cruel joke on me. But I know he won't. It is the Ipad. He had sourced it direct from the US for me. Thanks Voon Lok, You made my day.

I will not be posting in this blog for a while. I have the latest toy to play :)

Do call me if you want to know my experience with it.

Bye for now. Got to rush off to boot it up.

Allen Lai

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  1. Nice! Do give a review on it when you've done with it Allen :)