Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Will you run for Autism ?

tee shirts available in three colours

Kooky Kash and me at the finishing line NB 15KM event

Will you run for Autism ? Maybe not, because you may not have heard about Autism before. I don't know anything about it until I have two young family members with it. To know about Autism please visit this link: (there are also many other websites in the internet)

Kash, of Run Kooky Run fame will run for Autism. See her website :http://run-kooky-run.blogspot.com/2010/03/i-run-for-autism-will-you.html

She had contacted our National Autism Society of Malaysia(NASOM) and pledged to run for a fund raising campaign for the society and in particular to all people coping with Autism. Kash will run in the Singapore Sundown event on 29 May 2010. She will run in the 84 Km Ultra marathon. She had personally designed a tee shirt ( above) for the event she calls Project 84.The tee shirt is for sale at RM30.00 each. She also welcome donors in helping to raise the fund. Donors can pledge RM1.00 for every kilometer she completes in the event. Corporate sponsors can pledge RM10.00 per kilometer. All monies raised will be donated directly to NASOM. Donations are tax exempt.

You can make the difference. Call Kash or me if you wish to donate or need any more information @ 013-3948839

Run Kooky Run

Allen Lai

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