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I am not a tech geek who writes reviews on new gadgets. I am just an end user who likes to use gadgets if it is a useable. I’ll pen my experience with the new iPAD. I won’t go through the specs, type of apps available and write my comments as they are readily available in Apple’s website and all over the internet. I will write how useful the iPAD is for me and my family or otherwise.

The iPad is a nice present from my son Voon Lok. He knows my adage and philosophy in life of why live tomorrow, tomorrow, when you can live tomorrow today. I took to the iPAD like a duck to water. I did because I am an Apple Mac user all the while. I had owned Apples, Pineapples (fake apples) and early Macs. I even had an Apple PDA called Newton in the 80s, the best PDA innovation at that point of time. I only use the PC at the office, but never liked it. Further more I am already using the iPhone 3GS.

The iPAD in not a great innovation by Apple. Such technologies with the iPAD already exist in the iPhone, Ipod Touch, and hey, even Apple’s competitors had better innovations. I believe Apple’s success stems from brand loyalty and the iPAD is a natural upgrade for Ipod Touch users. Apple has already a captive market. No needs for the hypes, bells and whistles and trumpets.

So how do I sum up my experience with the iPAD ? How it relates to my lifestyle and needs for it. I’ll pen them under useful /good and disappointments

Useful /Good (Not in any order of goodness).

The screen resolution is almost perfect like full HD. Very pleasing.

The screen area is 9.7 inch, LED backlit, 1024 X 767, just nice to read a full webpage ibook. No need to scroll.

I can use the iPAD anywhere in the house including reading sitting on my throne. My mac is upstairs in my pad and my Powerbook is 15 inches which is too heavy to lug around the house. Malas aku.

It has plus of 11 hours battery time.

It NEVER gets hot, even after 11 hours continuous and intensive use. Something amazing and no other computing gadget can beat.

Plenty of apps that are still free, particularly ebooks.

It has a built in mike.

I use the free SKYPE programme to talk to my relatives all over the world.

It has a fantastic number of very, very good and practical educational and development apps for kids. I download tons of such apps for Voon Lok’s kids to ‘play’. They call it big Nintendo. So now I’ll have to fight with my grand kids for right of usage time.

My favourite app is Apple’s X-plane. This is a very good flight simulator. I feel like a pilot. Not good for stress management though. I still crash land sometimes.

It is really very easy to use. My grand kids take it like ducks to water too.

It has a beautiful alarm clock, with large analog or digital formats.

The touch screen keyboard is large, intelligent and easy to use. Never makes any typos mistakes.

Double finger flicking good.

Cut copy and paste easily

Easy to join any WIFI set ups.

Easy to search/read my emails

Able to blog directly from my iPAD.

Lovely ( but expensive photo frame) Gaya mau.

Will have plenty of potential uses.


My model was bought direct from the USA, hence not supported by Apple Apps store and Apple iTunes store. First time users will have difficulties.

Iphone and Ipod Touch apps can be used by the iPAD, but with a small screen mode. This is not satisfactory. However there will be more and more native iPAD apps in the stores soon.

Direct sound not too impressive. Poor internal speakers. Haven’t tested with my HiFi system yet.

Cannot use it in non WIFI surrounding. The iPAD with the 3G feature is already out, but its usage will be costly.

Screen rotation and lock if necessary.

No SMS , MMS feature with my model. I suppose it is not a phone. Maybe available with the 3G model ?

Poor hardware backwards compatibility. Cannot charge the iPAD using the USB cable connected to my MacMini.

Needs the latest itunes software. Ver 9.1. Not backwards compatible.

Slow TV, movies and uTube downloads. Maybe it is my broadband line at only 1 Mbyte/sec. Recommends at least 4 Mbytes/sec line. Waiting for my new fibre optic line from TM. Already laid in front of my house. Hope it is not too expensive to use. It is more than 10 Mbte/sec.


Don’t buy a jail broken model from Low Yat. Wait for a couple of months more.

Wait for more iPAD native apps to be available.

Join the revolution. Get one for your kids if not good for yourself.

Read Engadget’ review below:

Well Yimster, Hope I have answered your interest. Call me if you want a hands on. Mobile 0133948839.

Allen Lai


  1. Lol Allen, thanks for a first hand review. It's always better for the review to come from a friend instead of just what you read from websites. Yes sir, I will most certainly call you should I want a test run :)

  2. Hi Allen... this is a splendid review! Thank you. I have been contemplating to get one too. The only reason that kept me thinking twice about getting it is that it doesn't support flash... but still tempting though. Ü