Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Balance 30 km 2010

I am personally disappointed that the venue for the first run of the year have been moved to the Padang Merbok in KL, instead of Putrajaya as announced. I was told that the route in Padang Merbok will be more hilly and difficult than the route planned for Putrajaya. I am ready for the route in Putrajaya, but not for the Padang Merbok route. And we are already counting down to about three weeks to go. I will have to write off training during the festive season. 

I have read that a runner never gives up. He runs on any route. He runs because he is motivated and accepts new challenges. On that note, I will run but I will have to forsake my timing goal.

Join me and start the new year right.

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  1. Yup Uncle, thats the spirit. i wonder why they change the venue at the last minute?