Monday, December 21, 2009

Malakoff 12 Km

Yin Yin

Winner @39 minutes flat

Winner in his category

CEO Malakoff and runner


How much more romantic can you get?

I covered the Malakoff 12 Km run yesterday. It was a cool morning and the run finished real fast inspite of the hilly route around Bukit Damansara. The winner came in under 40 minutes and the last runner came in just under 2 hours. A participant surprised his fiancee when he brought a bouquet of roses at the finish line to propose to her. He knelt and gave her a diamond ring. All swooned with delight and well wishes.
Good luck to the new couple. I would think she will run with him the next time around.

Many thanks to Malakoff and Pacesetters for a successful event.

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