Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fest 2010

Packed crowd

Balloons launching for the finals

Happy young fan

A sea-horse kite

Guitar kite

Attending the Putrajaya second International Hot Air Balloon Fest a forthnight ago was a blast, save for the last final day. The fest was well organised and fun for all the four days. It was a great event for the whole family, particularly for the shuttlebugs.
My family and I had a ball through out the festival. A festival it is, with lots of fun activities, clowns, balloons, kites and stalls with bric bats. Colour was the order of the day. Unimaginable colourful wares and kits and clothings. A Mardi Gras if you will.
The kites came in all shapes, sizes, colour and imagination. The beauty of it was every kite flew, putting aviation and aerodynamics studies into reality.
The Hot Air Balloons themselves were a sight to awe at. Such colours and size, giving us an envy not being able to fly in them. Well, a hoisted up balloon was available for rides for RM10.00. But rides they were not as the balloon was firmly anchored.
I could not take pictures during the fest as my camera broke down on me during my visit to the Ironman Langkawi the previous week. However I managed to get my camera back on final afternoon of the fest. I was hoping against all odds that I will be able take some photos during the finals in the competition. But it was not to be. A storm was fast brewing just before the launching of the Hot Air Balloons. Rain and strong winds cancelled the final presentation and we left for home a wee bit disappointed. But there is always next year. Managed to get a couple of photos though.

More Photos here.

Allen Lai

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