Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pacesetters AGM and Annual Dinner

Sportsman and Sportswoman 2009

Full committee on stage

Let's Limbo Rock

Grease 3

Miss 1970

So you think you can dance?

I attended the PACM AGM and annual dinner held on 20 March 2010 at the Park Royal Hotel for the first time. Boy, was I surprised by the close comradeship, friendship and high spirit shared by all. I clicked and was so comfortable for the whole event.
The AGM was efficiently and professionally conducted. The President and most of the incumbent councilors were unanimously returned to their seats. Congratulations to Mr Tan Choong Kok, our Putrajaya Area Group Leader for being nominated as the new Asst. Secretary. Thank you Encik Rostam for a successful year in 2009. We wish you and all your councillors all the best for the new session.
The Dinner night was a great success. The MC announced that this year's attendance was almost twice last year's. There was so much fun and laughter through out the night. The dinner theme set the correct mood and atmosphere for all of us. Even our President Encik Rastam could still do the Limbo Rock to our delight. There were also many door gifts and lucky draw prizes for everyone.
Congratulation to last year's Sportsman and Sportswoman winners. Would not want to miss next year's do.

Allen Lai

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