Sunday, November 29, 2009

My First Half Marathon

The above video says it all. Spot me having a glance at my stop watch to check my timings. 3 hours 2 mins. Not bad for a first timer.

 The joy of crossing the Finish Line. No words can describe the feelings. You have to cross the finishing line to feel for yourself. Alone yet amongst 5,000 other participants, confused yet realizing it was all over. Smile, yet difficult to make the attempt. Those were some of my feelings at the finish line.

I first started running the 5 km, then 7 km and before I knew it, I can run 10 km. My first run was the New balance 15 km in KL. This was soon followed by my run in the Standard Chartered KL Half Marathon.

I hope to run more half marathons before I attempt my full marathon, hopefully in 2010. That is my target. See you and join me in my runs.

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