Saturday, November 14, 2009

Membership Drive

Hospital Putrajaya together with Novo Nordisk organised Putrajaya Global Diabetes Walk at Dataran Putra on Saturday 14th November 2009. The day being World Diabetes Day. It was a cool and beautiful morning worthwhile of a 5 km walk. The crowd was fairly small but all energetic and keen for the generous prizes and lucky draws.

Mr Tan and myself took this opportunity to promote our membership drive for our area group. We handed out many application forms and past issues of our Footloose magazine. We were pleasantly surprised with the many keen listeners and potential members.

Mr Michael of Novo Nordisk (above) said that he will promote Pacesetters for us as and when he can at other activities to come.

Another happy new member.

Mr Tan, Encik Juswil and myself. Happily Encik Juswil is already a member as he had joined Pacesetters sometime ago. Encik Juswil is a newbie to Marathon runs. His first foray is at Gold Coast, Australia. Wow! Congratulation and more runs to come. Read his article in our Pacesetters website. Hopefully his wife and family will be our new members, now that we have our home park.
Can't wait for tomorrow's breakfast run at Taman Saujana Hijau, Presint 11. Did not sweat enough this morning.

Thank you Hospital Putrajaya and Novo Nordisk. We will continue to run for health.

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