Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Benchmark for Home Park Circuit

Our Home Park is Taman Saujana Hijau. The park has a main track running round the edge of the twin hills. The main track is about 3.5 km, with adequate gradual slopes for uphill training. The benchmark timings for the main track are as follows:

Experienced runners 12 minutes
Fair runners  15 minutes
Most runners  20 minutes
First time runners/walk 25 minutes

If you are just starting to run, do not worry of your poor timings. You will be able to achieve 25 minutes after several run/walks.

I am at the 20 minutes benchmark.

Test yourself next weekend. It is fun, and it is very satisfying when you achieve your target and start to improve on your personal best timings.

Believe me, I am still breaking my personal best (PB) at each Sunday's run.

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