Friday, April 2, 2010

PCM Ride March 2010

Never be intimated by rain on our monthly PCM ride nights. We always almost experience rain during the past several months on PCM nights in Putrajaya. Regular riders were wiser and knew that it would rain cats and dogs all around KL and the Klang Valley, but it would be clear and dry in Putrajaya at around 9 pm. Rain will pour in the afternoons and early into the night in Putrajaya as if  it was to wash and freshen the roads for our monthly rides. 

Last month's March ride was the same. We had braved the heavy rain all around KL to meet in Putrajaya. Riders will wait even up till 10.00 pm for all to turn up, for we know some riders will also face chronic traffic jams coming for the ride. 

I  was in Bukit Damansara that evening, brooding at the fierce lighting storm, which took down 70 trees and branches. The tropical storm would never stop. I rang a friend in Presint 11 Putrajaya for a weather check. He had reported in the affirmative, as usual, it had rained but clearing up, albeit still with overhanging clouds. I left Bukit Damansara at 7.30 pm to Putrajaya using the Seremban NS Highway. The traffic built up was most frustrating. It was clogged up everywhere with the rain still belting hard reducing visibility to near zero. I braved the hazards as I was determined to ride that night as I had missed the February ride, being away at Ironman Langkawi. I arrived our RV at the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya at 9.30 pm fairly exhausted. 

I was pleased that most riders were already in the car park waiting patiently to roll out. The group were about 80 riders strong, all had braved the rain and traffic. There was no rain. At 10.00pm sharp I briefed the grouped and led them out to ride our usual 18 KM route. The ride was smooth and we had a clear and cool night. 

Next month on the last Friday 30 April 2010, PCM will celebrate our second birthday. Let us all turn up to celebrate. I was proposing that we all pay RM5.00 each individual and RM10.00 for each family for the cake and one drink. We will look into the logistics and bring the birthday cake. I also propose to invite a VIP from Putrajaya to grace the occasion. Inform all your friends and do make an effort to make next month's ride the Best ever. Feedbacks and proposals most appreciated, we still have time to prepare any activities. See you.

Allen Lai

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