Sunday, January 31, 2010

TriKids train in Putrajaya

Peter Lau and Hin Tong

Bike adjustments

Go go go....


Best Moms and Dads in the world

Taking off in bike transition area

Much needed break

Every Sunday morning Trikids from the Klang Valley train at the Pusat Recreasi Air, Prisint 6 in Putrajaya. At hand are  Peter Lau and Hin Tong, certified coaches from Triathletes Association Malaysia. The venue offers the best facilities for triathletes in the three disciplines of the sport. 
This is not a pre-event orientation and clinic. This is serious training, every Sunday starting at 730 am. Trikids are taught, guided and drilled to excel in swimming, running and cycling. Emphasis are made particularly skills in the transition areas.
Peter Lau and Hin Tong are both very dedicated and committed to train the youngsters and preparing them for Trikids competitions. One competition just finished in Putrajaya and another competition is scheduled in Shah Alam this month.
What is most glaring are the best moms and dads in the world. They are just as committed to encourage their children into this very challenging sport. They have given the best for their children. This sport instills discipline and challenge which will motivate the children to excel in other aspects of their growing up. They learn to be focused, to endure and to give their best at a very early age.
Peter Lau and Hin Tong welcomes new participants. Give your children a leg up. The may be the next champions. Come to Pusat Recreasi Air in  Presint 6 Putrajaya any Sunday and see for yourselves.

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