Monday, January 18, 2010


Nike +

Upgraded my running gear last weekend. Since I have bought an iphone 3Gs last Christmas, it had come with the Nike Ipod feature. All I had to gear up now is to purchase a pair of Nike + shoes. Actually 2 purchases were necessary. A pair of Nike + shoes which has a slot to hold the Ipod sensor; and the sensor / transmitter system itself. I did not have to install the transmitter which is to be affixed to the Ipod. The Iphone 3Gs comes with its own transmitter and software.

It was very easy to install and operate the system, Just get it out of the box and start using it right away. All the running data can be uploaded to Nike's website which automatically tracks your workout and offers online challenges to yourself or to other online Nike + users.

I had great fun using it every morning. It tells me the distance,time, pace and calories spent during all my run. I think all serious runners should have this system to assist them in their training. It is a fantastic motivational and training tool.

Nike says "Just do it".

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