Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pacesetters' 20 Km LSD April run

At the 10 Km water point

I ran my second Pacesetters’ 20 KM LSD held monthly in the Bukit Aman Carpark on Sunday 10 April 2011. I had decided to use these monthly runs to prepare for my next half marathon in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon in June 2011.
I woke up early as usual to have my ‘proper’ breakfast before the run. I arrived at the car park just before 6.30 am and had met Arief ready to take off. A quick hello and see you Arief and I started exactly on time at 6.30 am, not waiting for anybody. I walked 50 meters and broke into a slow jog down hill to Bank Negara. I had planned to do the run within 3.5 hours. I should be able to do it as this was my second run in this route.
The morning was cool and I was able to reach half distance, which had the first water point under one hour. After a quick drink I crossed Jalan Duta over to the Hartamas sector. The second leg was also quite smooth. A km later I met May Senn, Mac and two others strolling casually towards me. Ha ha I had said that they were on cheat mode. I never saw them overtaking me at all. Apparently they decided to start from the other end at Sri Hartamas.
I arrived at the Petronas Station in Sri Hatamas in 1 hour 35 minutes.  Not bad, but how do I get back to achieve my target time of 3.5 hours? Took a quick photo (see above) and quickly downed several cups of mineral and plain water and I was bravely off.
It was no more than 200 meters away from the water point when I felt a slight pull in my right calf. Bad feeling and I know I get cramps pretty soon. I applied cramp management drill. Go soft on the right leg to release the pressure before the cramp takes hold. I had to do this until my left leg starts to stress out and showed signs of cramps as well. A long quick walk and half limping was the next mode. I had to alternate pressure release from one leg a time. I managed to avert cramps and arrived safely back to the finishing line in 3 hours 18 minutes.
Yes, I met my target, despite imminent cramps in both legs. I was very pleased with this run and will run again in the next LSD scheduled on 01 May 2011. Join me, it is fun believe me.

Take care.
Allen Lai


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