Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pacesetters AGM & Annual Dinner 2011

 Lucky me

 Dressed to the nines


Michael Jacksons

 Ms Chee

Winners all

I attended the Pacesetters Athletic Club’s annual AGM meeting cum dinner 2011 held at the Swiss Garden Hotel on Saturday 19 March 2011. This was my second time I attended the function since being a member of the club in 2009.
The AGM started promptly at 3.30pm with a fair crowd of about 100 members. The main itinerary for the AGM were the presentations of the annual report, financial report and the election of the President and committee members for the year 2011/2012. I am particularly pleased that Encik Rastam and several committee members were returned to office for another term. The past committee had done well last year, which saw some progress and good activities. Syabas to all. I hope that the new office bearers will bring the club to a new level for the coming year.
The 27th annual dinner was most enjoyable and fun. More than 350 members and their families attended the 8 course chinese dinner. It was full house and roaring laughters throughout the night, Thanks to the MC and his impromptu leg pullings.
The highlights of the evening included cultural magic by the Chee siblings, a local renown magician family. Ms Jorinn Chee is a Merlin awardee, and had won the most entertaining magician award. Her brother Gelvinn Chee had won the International Junior Magician and Newest Star awards. They also debuted a younger brother to boot.
Making the night most enjoyable were the members’ participations in Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean stint and Lets Cha Cha. There was also a Best International Costume and Talent competition. A good number of members dressed to the nines to vie for the award.
Awards were also presented to the best male and female athletic award 2011, Sportsman and Sportswoman award 2010, and the top and best club award 2010.
Door gifts were given to all who attended and of course lucky draws kept everybody anxious for the good prizes to be won. I was one of the few lucky ones to get a prize voucher of RM200.00 from Mizuno. Not bad for staying and hoping for the last few lucky numbers to be drawn. Just like running, never give up until crossing the finishing line.
A big thank you to Ms Wendy Soo and her team for organizing the wonderful evening. Everybody enjoyed themselves. I am looking forward for the next annual dinner in 2012.

I took some photos for the occasion. Please feel free to download any photo for my web album here.

Allen Lai


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